healing story for childrenThis is a therapeutic story for children, designed to help them raise their self-worth and rise up against the odds. It has been especially written for children who are experiencing ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’, where others are intimated by the child’s light and try to cut them down.  

It is best read in a quiet space, and in a slow, warm tone.  



Written by Jamie Geurtjens

Deep in the middle of a sunlit meadow, a wild flower began to grow. At first she was a tiny seed, no bigger than a grain of sand, but tucked down deep within her she held the same strong power of a wise old mighty oak. The wild flower grew so fast, just like she was meant to do. Even when the rains came down, and Spring winds blew, she kept on growing and nothing ever felt so right.

One day when wild flower had grown just as tall as she ever thought she could, the winding weeds beneath her began to call her names. They asked who she thought she was to rise up so big and tall, they told her she must come down and join them, where she really would belong. They said they would take her in, and she would never be alone. They twisted all around her stem, and slowly pulled her down to where they thought that she should be.

Now down below, the dark cool shade made her feel so sad, but she didn’t want to risk it all and end up all alone, looking like she thought that she was more than just a weed.

It wasn’t until it was quiet and the weeds were all asleep, that she heard a noise and listened in to something deep within her. In her fragrant wild flower soul, a soft and gentle song was playing that told her still to grow.

She decided now to hold her head up high, because looking down was not for her, and she began to strive for something more. Rising up again, she pushed her way right through those weeds and headed towards the warm familiar sun. She didn’t listen to the heavy words of the sheltered rambling weeds, instead she took her strength from the wise old earth beneath.

As she finally rose above it all, she knew this was where she was truly meant to be. She was a single wild flower in a vast golden meadow, seeing sights that weeds would never ever see. As she swayed so gently, feeling the soft breeze amongst her slightly worn petals she suddenly saw a sight that only she could see. To her complete delight that very day she had given strength to many other wild flowers that longed to be as tall as she. Flowers that had been far too shy to rise that tall, we’re now all around her and one by one that very meadow burst with all the vibrant colours of a rainbow.

Today that meadow is filled with light, and millions of flowers with colours bright. All because of one small but mighty flower, who decided not to doubt herself and rose up even higher.

So if ever you start to doubt yourself, and think that you can’t rise tall, remember that deep within you is a song that plays just for you, a song that only you could understand. You too can lead the way, going places that others only wished they could. Someday soon because of you there may just be a simple meadow that will finally shine with vibrant light.

Notes for parents and teachers: For younger children 6 and under, it can simply be read and enjoyed for a few days in a row.  Allow the questions to come from the child.

For older children 6 and above follow the direction your child wants it to take.  These questions can be helpful after the story for beginning a conversation that supports the situation of the child:

What do you think was so special about the wildflower?  Why didn’t the weeds want her to grow tall?  Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know?  What would you do if you were wildflower?


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