This healing hand salve is infused with anti inflammatory calendula petals and smells incredible. The more calendula the oil contains the deeper the orange colour of the oil will be, meaning it will have stronger anti-inflammatory properties. 

I used coco butter because of it’s nourishing and protective properties.  I love wild orange essential oil, but if you can’t source it just use sweet orange essential oil.


hand salve


Wild Orange & Calendula Hand Salve


100mls sunflower oil, infused with calendula petals. 

100g shea butter

30g cocoa butter

20 drops orange essential oil




  • Melt all the ingredients, except the essential oil, together over a low heat until you are able to mix and combine them well. 
  • Then remove from the heat and stir through the essential oil.  
  • Pour into a glass pottle and let it set before using.  
  • ideal for dry cracked skin over the winter, and you can even use this fragrant salve as a lip balm, or body moisturiser. 


Makes around 230g of salve, which will keep you going for a while because a little will go a long way. Use to protect and heal hands throughout the year.  If your hands are especially dry you may like my recipe for Gardener’s Hand Scrub, it’s divine with garden mint and lime oil. 

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