have you settled for your jobAre you working in the job that you always envisioned that you would?  Are you being treated the way that you feel you should be?

Or have you settled?

Let me tell you a little story about when I settled for a job that made me dread the hell out of Mondays…

Over 12 years ago now, I had worked so hard to put myself to university to become a teacher, and when I finally graduated in 2003 I sent my C.V out to everywhere that was asking for a teacher.  I crossed my fingers that all that hard work was going to pay off and I would be employed!! Two weeks later, I was offered a full time teaching job, and without even thinking about my needs, or the 30 minute drive each way, I took it.

I was just so relieved to get a job. 

I started on $13 an hour, which was just a little higher than minimum wage then, even though I was previously being pay $16 an hour as a dental assistant before I even went to university.  I worked the hours they told me to work, wore the ghastly uniform they told me to wear, and did what they told me to do.  I had no creative input or power over my time there. 

I hated almost every minute of this job.  The energy of the whole place just didn’t match my energy.  Looking back I can see all the signs the universe was sending me, telling me to move on, but I didn’t listen, I just kept going to work there.  Yes I had bills to pay, and a student loan that wasn’t getting any smaller anytime soon, yet I could have gone out and found a new job, but I just stayed stuck instead. 

I did love the children, but I wasn’t allowed to teach them in the style that suited me, or that I felt was most beneficial to their needs.  The boss was a hard lady who treated her staff poorly, she even yelled at them in front of the children.  She didn’t yell at me, but only because I had the qualification she didn’t have, and she needed me to stay open. She did however look down her nose at me, and made me do all the cleaning of the centre before I could leave in the evening.  After school her own children would be dropped off for the staff to look after too, they would swear at us and wouldn’t do anything we asked.

Every morning I dreaded going into that place, I would sit in the car savouring every second that I was free outside those gates.  And each evening I would leave and cry in my car on the way home.  I would get home and moan for hours to my partner about how awful it was.  But still I stayed! I knew the first day of my job that I didn’t like it, yet I kept going back everyday.  I even travelled out to late night meetings to listen to the boss talk about how bad we were all doing at our job.  

I stayed there for months!

I gradually whittled down my work hours until it was almost costing me more on gas to travel to the job, than I was actually being paid.  One day when the boss was away overseas, I handed my notice into the head teacher.  When the boss found out she told me to leave and not to even worry about working out my notice.  She said I had let everyone down. But I knew it was really me I had let down, staying in that job for longer than I needed to.

Now I can’t believe I stayed so long, and I would never let that happen now.  When I think back, I know it was because my self-worth was low, and I thought it was all I was worth. I was given the job that matched my feelings about myself.  I settled! and I stayed until it just felt to awful to take.

It also turned out to be a good thing, because it provided me with a contrast. It provided me with an experience so that I could say “NO WAY’ this isn’t what I want, and then work towards what I did want.  Soon after leaving I drew in a new job that matched my stronger, brighter energy, and it soon became like a big family of staff all working together for the good of the children.  

If you feel you have settled for the job you are in now, or you have settled in the past, tell me about why you think you settled?

Jamie x x 

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