The Heart Chakra – Unblocked

the heart chakra

If the heart chakra is blocked it can cause all sorts of imbalances within your life, you may be feeling unloved, or having difficulty feeling love for yourself and others. Quite often it can be a sign that you are holding onto something that no longer serves you. The list that follows is one I created for my own family, we have used these with great success, to ensure that our hearts are open, and we are feeling balanced.  

If you do have a blockage, or are prone to heart chakra blockages, know that it is very common, especially in children and adults who are more sensitive to other peoples energies, or who are healers, lightworkers, and empaths, or intuitives.  A blockage of the heart chakra can also occur during traumatic events, such as experiencing a loss, or during various life changes.

Firstly let’s find out if your heart chakra is blocked, by checking my top 5 signs click here:    How to tell if your heart chakra is blocked  


3 simple ways to unblock the heart chakra

1 – Rose Quartz Crystals. This is absolutely my favourite crystal for promoting a sense of love.  These are found at your local crystal store, and a small crystal that fits in the palm of your hand won’t set you back very much money either.  Ensure your crystal is cleansed and charged by leaving it on your windowsill during a full moon.   Place the rose quartz crystal on your heart chakra as you lie on your back resting for as long as you feel comfortable.  Even better is to find a rose quartz necklace, where the pendent sits in the middle of your chest right over your heart chakra.  

2 – Aromatherapy oils. Rose oil is the essential oil of love, and it helps to promote love of oneself and strengthens the love between couples, friends, and family members.  Make a love blend using the following ingredients: 40mls base oil (olive, or sunflower) 10 drops rose essential oil, 6 drops lavender essential oil.  Blend together and store in a small dark bottle.  Rub the oil over the heart chakra at least twice a day, especially before going to sleep.  Use as a massage oil, or dab the oil onto pulse points through the day.  

3 – Nature healing.  If your heart chakra is blocked, or is prone to blocking, you will benefit from getting outside into nature.  No matter where you live make it a daily ritual to spend time near trees, grass, plants and flowers as this will heal the heart chakra quickly.  Try earthing, it’s an incredible healer. The beach is also a great place for healing if you have access to it, mainly because of the super charged ions that are in the sea air.  They detox the body of negative emotions, and promote relaxation.  


The most effective healing can occur when you combine all 3 of these things.  

Here is my personal treatment for unblocking the heart chakra.  It promotes a strong sense of love, relaxation, and promotes positive energy flow. 

Heart Chakra Bath Treatment

Run a warm bath, and add the following:

1 rose quartz crystal

4 mls of the love oil blend (the bath will be a little slippery when adding this oil, so be careful, stay close to a child if they are having the bath)

2 tbsps sea salt

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Optional (flower petals, such as calendula, or rose petals)

Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes, and as you do, let everything that no longer serves you lift up and out of your body, just as the warm steam lifts, so do the blockages that are in your body.  Put your arms around yourself, and say “I am loved, I am loved, I am loved’.  If you feel like crying, cry!  This is the release that your body needed, if you feel angry address this anger too.  Everything that pops up must be addressed, and accepted, in order for it to be let go. For children get them to do this too, but model by showing how you put your arms around yourself, and tell yourself you are loved. This will help them know that it is o.k to do this without feeling silly.  

I would love to hear from you, so comment below if you have had a blocked heart chakra, and how if impacted your life.

Love, light and healing,  

Jamie x 

P.S Would you like me to share my pendulum technique for quickly finding out which chakras in your body are blocked and which are open?

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