The ‘Wild & Free’ Approach To Raising Happy Kids:

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After 16 years of working with young children, and 11 years of raising my own diverse ‘out of the box’ children, I have grown as a teacher and a mother, and most definitely as a human being.  I have seen children achieve such greatness, and overcome some of the most challenging obstacles.  

However I have also seen children suffering from a staggering increase of aliments, disease, and mental issues that were once only seen in adults 4x their age.  I see the need for a NEW parenting and teaching approach, one that heals the past, allows children to feel safe in the present moment, and prepares children for the real world.


Never before have I seen so many anxious, worried and malnourished children.


Many children I have worked with are overweight, over-stimulated, worried, hurried and heading towards burnout. 

They live in a chemical world, led by the advertising industry and the shallowness of the media.  It’s become normal for children to be medicated by large drug industries, for lunch-boxes to look more like toy boxes, and for screen time to take over as playtime. 


I would love to see a movement towards a new kind of parenting and teaching approach for our children. One that nurtures all the senses, and encompasses the diverse stages and dimensions of each individual child.  It’s about parents taking back their power to parent, teach and raise children their way.  It’s partly about stepping back in time and raising children like we used to, but times have changed so it’s also about raising children in turbulent times we are facing. It supports those who choose to send children to school, and those who choose to homeschool or unschool children.  It supports all those parents and teachers who know their is a more natural and holistic approach to growing happy, and healthy children. 


So here it is, my approach to parenting and teaching our youngest and our most precious.


The ‘Wild & Free’ approach:

  • Based on unconditional love and acceptance
  • Unhurried, follows the pace set by the child
  • Allows children to unfold in their own time, and in their own way
  • Supports ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • Raises self-esteem
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Increases responsibility and family and community contribution 
  • Children learn to step into their personal power
  • Strong, clear boundaries are in place at all times
  • Children are nourished with clean, additive free whole-foods
  • Families work together as a team who build each other up
  • Children have the freedom to express who they have come here to be
  • Minimal screen time
  • Less consumerism (less store brought toys and resources)
  • Natural approach to health and wellness
  • Encourages more time in the nature world


Learning is: 

  • Based around children’s strengths and interests
  • Purposeful to the child
  • Nature based
  • Child directed


Our children are our future, and for the healthy and successful, thriving human race, our future will need healers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and out of the box thinkers like never before.

Does this approach resonate with you? Let me know your thoughts below, and watch this space for more information regarding my ‘Wild & Free’ approach.  

Jamie x 

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