The key to manifesting abundance is believing in yourself, and seeing yourself as a creator! 

It’s all about understanding your power and raising your SELF-WORTH!

the key to manifesting abundanceSelf Worth is the golden ticket to success.   

I cannot even start to tell you how much it’s changed my life, from feeling like I didn’t deserve to be alive, to loving who I am and what I offer the world! 

Anyone who has ever achieved greatness, began with the INTENTION of what they were going to manifest into their lives before they did anything else.

They then added an unwavering self-belief that they were worth it and they could do it, and before too long they achieved their goals.


The spiritual laws of manifesting tell us that we cannot bring anything more into our lives unless we feel we deserve it.

Did you notice I said ‘feel’ we deserve it, and not ‘think’ we deserve it.  Because what you feel is so much stronger than what you think.  Feelings have  a higher vibration that thoughts. 

You may think and even say aloud, ‘Oh yeah, I deserve to be rich, I deserve to have more money’ but if deep inside you what you actually feel is ‘I am so sick and tired of struggling with money, it’s always going to be this way, it’s probably all I deserve’.  Then you are never going to be able to attract anything more that struggle, and the feeling of being sick and tired.   

We are vibrating energy magnets who are constantly attracting the same vibrating energy towards us.  

What we ARE is what we ATTRACT.

Most people don’t have a healthy amount of self worth, which is why most people don’t attract a whole lot of incredible abundance into their lives.  Most people fit into the ‘normal’ bracket, they have self-doubts, they don’t think they can achieve more, and they form the belief of who they are from past experiences, society and what others tell they are.  Normal is not all that fun.  

This is one of the reasons that I am always talking about POWER.  You have heard me say, “Take back your power”. That’s because without your power you cannot control your reality, and if you cannot control your reality, you cannot manifest your desires. 

Your self-worth is in your control – you have the power to change the way you feel about yourself.

Self worth MUST come from within you, never from outside of you.  If it comes from outside then you rely on comments from friends to tell you that you exist, or compliments, or social media likes, or awards, or grades, and so on.  When it comes from within, then it is in your control, and no one can lower your self-worth without you giving them permission.  

Discover your self worth and you have discovered the key to a happy, fulfilled and successful life.  When you decide that you will achieve something, you achieve it, because there is no self-doubt slowing you down or stopping you anymore.  

You become unstoppable! 

Rise tall, discover your worth, and you discover your power,

Jamie x 

P.S Share at least one thing that you love and treasure about yourself below. 

I will go first, I love that I continually push myself out of my comfort zone, even though its not always easy, I find the courage within me, and I do it anyway.  Strength! 

Your turn beautiful soul……


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