I haven’t always been super positive, it’s something I have had to work at, and then work at again and again and again, until being positive is now something that just comes naturally to me.  

I believe that inspirational words have the power to change our subconscious, and in turn change our lives. 

Some people are born positive, and are raised by positive parents, and go on to have wonderfully positive lives. I wouldn’t say that was me, it wasn’t the way I was raised, and positivity didn’t come naturally to me.  I didn’t find it around me growing up, and the schools I attended were places you went because you had to, not because you wanted to.  

Life can be hard work, and some days can feel a hell of a lot longer and darker than others. I discovered the power of books when I was a teenager, I was probably about 15, I was in a really dark place, I had no one around me to support me, and I was really desperate for help.   It was then that I saved up and brought my first self help book.  It was called something like ‘How to be happy’ by an author I can’t even remember.  

But it obviously had a major impact and opened up a whole new world of inspirational words. 

From then on I was hooked, and when everyone else was buying cd’s, make up and clothes, I was buying inspirational books.  These books opened up a whole new world for me, one where there were opportunities to live a positive life.  For the first time my circumstances didn’t define my life and who I was.   I had options!  I read books about people who had been through similar experiences like mine, and had pushed through the pain and now helped others do the same.  

I thought ‘That could be me!’

The number one thing that has got me through some of the hardest times in my life are the inspirational words of my mentors. When I am lost I open up one of my inspirational books, and the right words for that moment will appear before me on the page.   

inspirational words

Here are some of my favourite inspirational words.

“No successful person has ever known how their dream would happen.  They simply believed that it would happen and did not give up until it had”.  Rhonda Bryne  – From the book ‘The Hero’  


“Palm readers believe that your left hand is what you are born with, and your right hand tells the story of what you do with it.  In other words, regardless of the hand you are dealt in life, it’s always going to be up to you, what you choose to do with it”.   Paul McKenna From the book ‘The 3 things that will change your destiny today’.  

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you”.  Paul Coelho – From the book ‘The Alchemist’.  

“We have chosen these experiences and they are a part of our lives for a reason.  We may not find out what that reason is for some time.  It may not even be in this life time.  But we need to accept that it is a part of the plan and get through it as best we can”.  Kelvin Cruickshank – From the book ‘Taking The Journey’.  

“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, this you will become”.  James Allen.  – From the book ‘As A Man Thinketh’  

“What we see in other people are reflections of part of ourselves” . Kate Spencer.  – From the book ‘Twelves Lessons, The Journal’.  


I hope you found some inspiration from reading this post, PLEASE share some of the inspirational words that have helped you on your life’s journey.  

Every time you read something inspirational that resonates with your soul, know that the magic and wisdom you see in those words, is the same magic and wisdom that is within you.

Jamie x




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