This is such a simple scrub recipe, very exfoliating and nourishing at the same time.  I couldn’t stop touching and smelling my hands after I used it, they were really soft. Pink grapefruit oil is especially good for promoting a healthy circulation of the blood and detoxifying the skin. 

You can just use it as is, or change the essential oils to suit your needs. I often use salt scrubs because I love the healing effect of salt on the skin, but I know some of you can’t tolerate too much salt with very sensitive skin types, so the sugar body scrub recipe is a better option.  Plus you won’t get that stinging feeling if you have any cuts on your skin too.


(If you have super sensitive skin you may still react to pink grapefruit, so try something that isn’t a citrus oil, such as lavender, jasmine or chamomile).  


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Sugar Body Scrub Recipe – Pink Grapefruit


• 3/4 cup white sugar

• 1/4 cup coconut oil (plus more if required)

• 1/2 tsp pink clay (optional for natural colour)

• 10 drops pink grapefruit essential oil (I also add 5 drops of lemon but this is optional too).



1 – Mix the sugar and coconut oil together in a bowl.  If the coconut oil is firm gently melt it first but don’t allow it to get hot or it will dissolve the sugar. If you like a ‘wetter’ scrub then use a little more coconut oil. 

2 – Mix the pink clay in if you are using, and add the essential oil.  I also add 4-5 drops of lemon essential oil because it makes the grapefruit oil really pop with fragrance, but if you don’t have it just leave it out or use a squeeze of fresh lemon.

3 – Store in a glass jar and use 1-2 tablespoons for a full body scrub under warm water.  Be careful if using in a shower as the coconut oil can make the bottom of the shower a little slippery. 


sugar body scrub recipe


















Have you tried the Gardner’s DIY Hand Scrub recipe yet? I am loving it this week, especially with my hands being washed so many times from the farm and the garden.  

If you weren’t using pink grapefruit oil what would you choose to add to a scrub recipe like this? Let me know below,

Jamie x 


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