You can train yourself to stop suffering. 

I call this my ‘Detach from Suffering’ technique.  

how to stop the negative thoughts in your head

I honestly think it has been a life changer, and probably a life saver! 

I know this because I am someone who suffered years of mental and emotional pain, at the hands of THE EGO.

The ego is that mostly annoying voice inside our heads, telling us what to do, and what not to do, and how bloody stupid we are for doing everything we did, or how we will always fail, or never be good enough, and so on and so on.  You know it right?

The ego can be a massive pain, and can suck the life out of us!

Depression, anxiety, anger, hate, and self harm are all signs that the ego is in control, and the soul has taken a back seat.

If you want to feel better, you have to take back your power.  The key to a happy life, is to be led by the soul, not the ego. 

So what’s causing your suffering? 

It isn’t actually the situation, or person, or event that makes us suffer, it is our reaction to it.  And the reliving of the past that causes our suffering.

If you are suffering you have given your power over to the ego.  So when something happens in your life, say your partner ignores you while you are talking, or your child starts having a tantrum, instead of feeling calm and dealing with the situation at hand, you begin to suffer. 

The ego will say ‘You’re hopeless, that’s why he doesn’t listen’.  or ‘You’re a bad mother, that’s why your child is crying’.  And with those thoughts comes suffering. Emotions of sadness, hurt, tears, anger, yelling, and a feeling of being powerless!

That small event, along with that thought that ‘you are hopeless’, then allows the ego is open up a file called ‘The why you are hopeless file’ inside the ego has stored records of all the times you ‘failed’ and the times you were hurt, and all the times you felt hopeless. The ego then begins to flash all the paper work from the file through your memory.  

Until…doom and despair!

You truly feel now you are hopeless, and the emotions flood in, and the pain builds, and you can’t come back down from it! 

The ego can’t mange this power, the ego is simply a tool.  An artist wouldn’t give his paintbrush full control of his art would he? No way! Without the artist the paintbrush would make a complete mess.  


You are the artist, and your ego the tool.  You must take back your power and see that you are the creator of your life! 


The more you practice taking back control, the easier it gets, and the less suffering you endure.  When something happens you see it for what it really is, such as your partner having too much on his mind, or your child being overtired and needing your warmth.  

Without the ego taking control, emotions are then influenced by the love and strength of the soul.  


That’s blissful living right there! 


Here is my personal ‘Detach from Suffering’ technique! 

Firstly you need to be a thought detective.  You have to catch that thought as soon as it starts.  That niggling, negative voice that just pops up, ‘You idiot! you hear it say, ‘you always stuff up!’

You got it! Right? You have heard it.  

Now you are aware of it…great that’s the first step!

Next step….

Picture that thought/or thoughts, and all the feelings that come from it, detaching out of your head and into a clear bubble on the left side of your head. The bubble can only absorb things into it, they can’t come back out once they are in there.  

Once you have those thoughts in there, you notice a cord coming from the bubble to the inside of your head through your temple.  

Now image you have a large heavy pair of gold scissors.  

Take the scissors and cut through the cord.  As you do this the bubble floats away, up into the sky.  The universe has it now, and will deal with it, you need not worry about it ever again.  

Now breathe out – you are free.

Now repeat.  Detective! The next thought that pops up, if it’s not a thought that helps you reach your full potential, and fills you with joy, then off to the bubble it goes.  


I have had to repeat this process numerous times.  At the beginning my thoughts were so negative (I wasn’t actually aware because I didn’t say them out loud) and once I started listening and being aware I was shocked!  At first there were about 50 negative thoughts, all in the space of an hour! No wonder I felt so awful about myself.

I had to continually work at this.

And now, something pretty big has to happen for me to need to use this technique.  I actually feel that my ego is outside my head, I am that detached from it.  It is still there, it’s a useful tool.  But it’s not who I am, and it’s not inside of my head making a mess of things.

It does get easier! I promise.  

I hope that was was helpful..was it helpful.  You deserve to feel good, and i’m here to support you, so let me know what your ego is up to today. Let me know by commenting below, i’d LOVE to hear from you.  

Love, and light, 

Jamie x

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