body image

I want my daughter to have a love and appreciation for her body that I didn’t have for mine when I was her age.

When I think about how much hate and disgust I felt for my body when I was growing up, I want to go back in time and shake myself.

I want to say ‘Jamie, you are beautiful, your body is beautiful, and one day this incredible body of yours is going to create two new lives, so don’t ever take it for granted. Ever. Love yourself, because one day you will have a little girl looking up at you, learning from you what a healthy body image looks like, and you won’t want to let her down’.

Well here I am in my 30’s with a little girl looking up at me, with the same blue eyes I had when I was her age, and she’s watching how I treat myself.

It’s been a journey, and it still continues, but I’m healing, and becoming the empowered role model I want her to have.  It is only in the past year that I have discovered what it feels like to accept my body for what it is. Not just accept it, but treasure it, and care for it because of everything it has done for me, and continues to do for me.  

I have had to say sorry for all those past hurts, and there was plenty of hurt. It’s not often we say sorry to ourselves, but if you have a little someone watching you too, I don’t think you should wait another minute.

If you want your daughter to love her body, then you have to love your body first. You have to say sorry to yourself for all the names you called yourself, for crash dieting, for hiding, for hurting yourself, for binging, for purging, for starving, for not looking in the mirror every single day and seeing the beauty in yourself.

I never want my daughter to think she is fat, to hide herself away, to avoid the camera, to thinks she is ugly or to look into the mirror and hate what she sees. I don’t want her to stave herself, or hurt her body to make it different, I don’t want her self worth to be based on what other people think of her.  

I’ve learned to look after myself, because this is part of loving myself….

I now eat because I want to fuel and nourish my body. I eat foods that are healthy and life giving. I don’t eat for comfort, or to fill a void. I never avoid eating something because it may make me fat, I avoid it because it may make me feel tired, slow or sluggish. I don’t exercise to lose weight, I exercise because it make my mind and body feel good.

If your journey to self love and acceptance hasn’t begun yet, I urge you to start today

– simply start with this.

‘I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry, and from this day forward I promise to show my body the love it deserves’ 

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