‘Discover Your Purpose’ The E-COURSE


Discover a deeper meaning and purpose to your life in 5 simple lessons.

Created by Jamie Geurtjens.

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Discover Your Purpose e-course

I’m so excited to finally be sharing this incredible knowledge with you.  

This is exactly what I needed when I was so desperately searching for meaning and purpose to my life.

For as long as I can remember I have been searching for a deeper meaning and purpose for my life.  

Did you know that most people will never discover a deeper meaning and purpose to their lives?  

Unfortunately it’s true!

Most people will simply take on the roles that society assigns for them, and will never tap into the powerful gifts that that they have within them.  

You are NOT most people.  

You are different, and are being called along with many other awakening souls to dig deeper within, find the gifts that are unique to you, and then share them with the world.

I am proud of you already, simply because you have made it this far, to this page because something I said resonated with something inside of you.  

This is the beginning…this is YOUR beginning!

I promise you that once you understand that you are not like everyone else, and you were never meant to be, that your life takes on a whole new meaning.  

Life is meant to feel like an incredible adventure.  

Everyday I used to wake up with a feeling of dread for the working day.

Even though I had worked hard for my teachers degree and had “worked my way up” until I was fully registered, and become the head teacher and manager of a child care centre, I would flop into bed exhausted every evening, with a sense of sadness…a feeling that I still hadn’t given what the world needed me to give.  

It was still inside me, yet I didn’t even know what it was.  I was too busy, to stressed, and to overwhelmed to see what was right in front of me.

I was called to share this information with you, so that you can step forward into the light and start giving what it is you are desperate to give.  In turn you will be rewarded with gifts from the universe in ways that you could never even imagine.  

Everything simply falls into place when you step onto the path that is yours.  

Now I know my purpose, I wake up every morning excited to start my day, and when I go to bed at night I feel peaceful, knowing I have given the very best part of me to the world.  

Here is everything you need to know before we get started:

The e-course is comprised of 5 simple, yet life changing lessons.  

They are short and sweet, I can’t stand waffle, and don’t have time for it, so I have only included what I feel you really need to know to get you started along your path.  

This course ideal for those that are juggling, work, studies, families and more, because it can be done in as little a couple of hours, or savoured over a few weeks.  

You can complete this course in one day, 5 days or over 5 weeks, but just make sure you complete each exercise, and reflect on your answers as you write them down.

Here is what you get:  The ‘Discover Your Purpose’ e-course

  • 5 Lessons, each with exercises, and additional videos, that will help you to uncover your purpose, each one has had an incredible impact on my life, which you will also read about, and is the reason I live my life from the sense of purpose that I do each day.
  • Lesson #1 – Discover your gifts
  • Lesson #2 – Create your purpose statement
  • Lesson #3 – The law of attraction
  • Lesson #4 – Receive the abundance that is waiting for you
  • Lesson #5 – Go and sing your song

Discover your purposediscover my purposediscover your purpose ecoursediscover your purposediscover your purpose

  • You also get me! O’k maybe not in body, by definitely in spirit! You can tap into my intuitive gifts at any point along the way, i’m only an email or direct message away.  I am able to see, and feel the deeper meanings behind things.  This comes in super handy when someone is experiencing a block to along their path.  
  • A free super secret surprise gift that I will be sending out shortly after you download your course.  It is a little something I use to speak to my soul when I really need to be sure of something. It’s a goodie! 
  • There is also a little piece of my soul in here too, you will feel it as the course unfolds.  


You are ready for this.  The world awaits the gifts you have to share, so…beautiful soul…..let the waiting be over, and let’s just get started. 

Love, light and gratitude for what you bring to the world, 

Jamie x x

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