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If you have a child who suffers from a health issue that reduces their quality of life this book is for you. Whether it’s a physical issue such as asthma, eczema, or a mental, emotional issue such as anxiety, ADD, anger or depression, this book explores how reducing chemicals can allow the body to heal. 

In 2011 my son Ethan was diagnosed with Aspergers, and severe anxiety – at just 5 years old.  He should have been carefree during his early years, but instead he suffered with hyperactivity, rage, irritability and sensory issues.  Towards the end of his illness he couldn’t leave the house, because his anxiety controlled him completely.  By removing hidden food additives from our diet, and replacing them with nourishing whole foods my son recovered from severe anxiety and now lives a happy and healthy life.  

I’m sharing our personal story, our recovery diet and why I think we have to clean up our planet…starting with what we are feeding our children.

The Chemical Generation eBook

Here is an exert from my new book – The Chemical Generation.

This excerpt is of the letter I wrote to Ethan just before he was diagnosed with Aspergers and severe anxiety in June 2011.

“Dear Ethan,

I stood at your door and watched you tonight while you slept; I was so quiet so as not to wake you.  Sleeping is the only time when you are at peace. You have suffered more anger and cried more tears than someone who has lived 100 years.  You should be carefree like any other 5 year old little boy.  I pray to the universe to help me to heal you.  I know the world needs you, I need you.  I promise to you with all my heart that I will rescue you.  That one day you will have a healthy mind and body.  One day we will laugh together and these times will be a distant memory.  I pray to the universe to give me the strength I need to save you.  I know there is an answer, and I’m searching so desperately for it.  You have been lost for too long, and I am going to keep fighting until I have you back.

Love Mum”

Never underestimate the power of a truly healthy lifestyle.  Everything we are feeding our children, everything we are putting on their skin, everything we are injecting into them…it’s impacting on the quality of their young lives.


Jamie Geurtjens is the founder of the organic skincare company “Clean Green Skincare”, and the holistic health blog “Jamie Geurtjens”. She is also a qualified teacher and a freelance writer.  She resides in New Zealand with her husband and two children. She firmly believes that by removing toxins from our food and skincare products we can recover from illness and live a healthy life.

Sharing is caring!

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