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A whole book of yummy feel good foods.  Foods that fuel the mind and body and keep the family satisfied.

Snack foods don’t have to be filled with sugar and additives, in fact they shouldn’t be at all!  In my latest Real Food eBook I show you how I created loads of delicious healthy snack foods for my family…all while us saving money.

All the recipes in the book are:

  • Wheat free
  • Refined sugar free
  • Dairy free
  • Contain no chemicals, artificial additives or processed food
  • SUPER quick and easy to throw together

I created a whopping 101 healthy and delicious snack servings for my family for around $100 NZ!

This worked out to be only .99¢ a serving, which is about the price of a (not so healthy) stick of gum. 

You will LOVE having 15+ quick and easy snack recipes. From the divine ‘Lemon Sunbeam Bars’, to the ‘Honey Oat Cookies’, they are all so easy.  I have even included my favourite sushi recipe, and my “Almond Protein Balls’.  

There is something to please everyone in the family and fill up those lunch-boxes.

I have also attached my shopping list so you can go ahead and recreate all the 17 recipes and make the whole 101 snacks, or just create one recipe at a time.

I’m so excited to hear how you go with the recipes, you will LOVE how quickly you can create healthy REAL food snacks.

Enjoy the recipes, and see how easy living a REAL FOOD life style can be,

Happy snacking, 

Jamie x 

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