Mojitos anyone? Yes please! Who doesn’t love a mouthwatering scrub bursting with lime juice and spearmint essential oil?  A coconut oil salt scrub that smells like one of my favourite drinks, and reminds me of long summer holidays PLUS it helps get feet sandal ready as summer approaches. 

MOJITO coconut oil salt scrub











This yummy salt scrub is especially designed for feet, but you could use it as a full body scrub too if you don’t have sensitive skin.  The lime helps to increase circulation to tired, sore or inflamed feet. 

You will enjoy using this Mojito inspired coconut oil salt scrub after a long day standing on your feet, and it helps to remove dead skin around the heels too.  If you don’t have lime juice you can replace it with lemon juice but I love how lime and spearmint just work so well together as a fragrant blend. 


MOJITO Coconut oil Salt Scrub Recipe


300g sea salt

60g fresh lime juice

15g coconut oil

1 ts green clay (optional)

10 drops spearmint

5 drops lemon essential oil. 



Pop the salt into a bowl and mix in the softened coconut oil well. 

Next add the lime juice. 

Then add the clay and essential oils and stir well to combine. 

Store in a glass jar and use a tablespoon on feet to help revive them each week. 


This scrub lasts for a few weeks and I like to keep mine in the fridge so its cold when I use it.  Just be careful not to slip in the shower as coconut oil can be slippery.  Use in a foot spa or warm tub of water instead, then let feet soak for around 20 minutes.  Also pop over and try my Gardeners Hand Scrub recipe too. 



This scrub recipe is just one of the new recipes I have created for my new upcoming Essential Oil Recipe eBook

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