I love using this manifestation exercise to give people a glimpse of the power they have to create abundance.  

You will LOVE how easy your first manifestation exercise is, and how easy it is about to become to have draw in abundance. 

Manifestation practice exercise

This is the same exercise that I started using when I wanted to test my new-found skills in manifesting abundance.

It is incredible how easily I can manifest something now, even big things, like My Own Paradise, but we all have to start somewhere, and right here, right now is the best place.  

Let’s start with something small, that feels achievable for our first manifestation exercise. 


Manifest using these 3 simple steps.


1: Choose something from the following for the first manifestation (a feather, a coin or an animal of your choice)

2: Post it below or write it down on a piece of paper.

3: Repeat this affirmation ‘Thank you universe for responding to my thoughts, actions and vibrations and for bringing this sign into existence along my path today. Thank you, thank you, thank you’.

And so it is…..

Now go about your day with the expectation that you WILL see the sign that you have asked for.  It may appear anywhere along you path today, and can even just pop up on your computer screen, or in your social media news feeds.  It may be on a magazine at the store, or on someones t-shirt.  You will be drawn to noticing it, because the sign has been created by you, along with the almighty power of the universe. 

It really is that simple.  

Put out what you want with thoughts and feelings, and then belive that you are worthy of receiving it.

Remember to be grateful for what is already on its way to you. 


Let me know when and where you see your sign, Jamie x

When you are ready to start manifesting bigger things into your life grab a free copy of My Personal Manifestation Worksheet and Affirmation. 

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