Are you missing important messages from your soul?  

There are messages of wisdom waiting for you that can help you know the next step to take in life, what decision to make, and may even have the power to change your life. 

First though, you have to create an environment where these messages can actually be heard. 



If you are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, depressed and you don’t know why, then maybe you need to make time to hear the messages that have been waiting for you. There is a reason behind every emotion. 


Why can’t I hear these messages already?

We live in a hurried, fast-paced society, where sitting still and having quiet moments to ourselves is fast becoming a thing of the past. We fill our quiet moments with food, tv, social media, small talk, apps, and gaming. It is in the quietness and in the stillness that the messages from the soul speak to us. 

It is rare to even see someone standing in line at the post office who isn’t filling the quiet moments with their phone, playing a game or scrolling social media. People waiting for the bus used to have time to process thoughts and receive intuitive messages from within them, now they are glued to their phones and the messages go unheard. 


Inner wisdom from the soul isn’t loud, the soul doesn’t yell at us, or stop us in our tracks, in fact, it gently whispers and niggles at us, but too often we miss the messages because we are too busy being busy. 

Life is chaotic right? You are woken by an alarm clock, you hurry out the door, you have children to care for, jobs to get to and responsibilities and roles to fulfill.  By the time you get into bed at night, you are too exhausted to hear anything but the voice of the ego telling you what you did wrong that day, or telling you what could go wrong tomorrow and so on. 


Worry and fear only come from the ego, and happiness, joy, and peace come from the soul. 


By disconnecting from the ego and connecting with the soul we can bring in the wisdom on a higher knowing, and create a life that fills us up.

Are you making time for the messages? Even when we collapse into bed exhausted we still drown out any whisperings with social media, tv or video games. 


To hear the messages of wisdom you have to create an environment where you can hear them.  The ideal environment is one of quiet, one of stillness and one of calm.


Make time just for you each day at around the same time, so that it becomes part of your routine. It can be life changing to start to get these messages and be able to make the changes in your life that bring you onto the path of happiness and joy. 

Try this: Get up 15 minutes before you usually do, light a candle or go for a walk, no phone, no music, and just listen to the messages that start to bubble up. 

Or during your lunch break get outdoors and go for a walk, or go and sit in your car away from the noise and artificial lighting.  Listen to what’s bubbling up and write down what you hear and feel, even if it doesn’t seem like it makes sense.  It soon will you just may need to practice this for a little while longer to collect all the messages. 


What will you do today to create the right environment so you can receive your messages?

Jamie x 

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