By using The Law of Attraction – You can manifest anything you want.   Anything!  how to manifest abundance

It’s true, and yet there are not many people in the world that actually know and believe this.  

That’s why there are not many people in this would that actually have a life that is filled with abundance. 

However if we were taught this from a young age, it would truly change the world! 

My life, only a few months ago, used to be a daily struggle, even though I had read over 100 self-help books, from ‘The Secret’ to the ‘The Aladdin Factor’, and tried as hard as I could to implement the knowledge from these books into my life.     I worked so hard, so very hard, trying to make it in the world, trying to be someone, trying to be a successful teacher, mother, wife, mentor, and human being.

Yet I was continually exhausted, and was seeing the opposite of what I really wanted.  I wanted more time with my kids, I wanted to raise them out of the city, in our own rural paradise, yet I barely saw them because I was working so much, and our tiny suburban section didn’t even have a tree for them to climb. I wanted so desperately for everything to change, I resented the life I had, yet I couldn’t seem to do anything to bring in the life I wanted.  

I woke up in the mornings dreading the day, with everything feeling like a struggle, until I would collapse exhausted into bed at night.    After a while I gave up trying so hard, and asking, and pleading for things to change, and I got mad at the universe.  

I was mad that life was exhausting me, and I didn’t get to spend time with my kids, and when I did I was too tired to get off the couch.  I was mad life felt like a struggle, and no one was helping me through it.  I soon hit rock bottom, and felt I couldn’t take one more minute of the struggle.

Have you ever ben so exhausted that you felt like you could just curl up and die? 

And there, in that rock bottom moment, I felt a strange and sudden knowing.  A knowing that I was creating all of this pain and struggle.  It was all me! I was creating it by focusing on how awful and exhausting it all was.  The more I focused on the struggle, the more struggle I created!  I had not only created it, but by resisting it I was holding it in my life.    In feeling this way, I was putting out a vibration of sadness, exhaustion, struggle and anger. So how on earth could I expect to bring in anything different that what I was seeing?    In this moment I knew that I had to stop being sad, and angry and I had to go within, and start consciously creating the feelings that I would have if my life was the way I wanted it to be.   With that I decided what I wanted my life to be like in a few months time, and I focused on those wonderful feelings.  

I would be working form home, writing, and creating everyday.  My children would be home schooled. We would live rurally, surrounded by native bush, yet close to the healing properties of the sea. Money would come easily to me, and I would be abundant in every area of my life.  I would mediate every morning, and enjoy yoga and bush walks with my children.  

Every single day I focused on the feelings that these things created within.  I talked openly to my children about how I was leaving work and we would be together everyday.  We all began to get excited about life, instead of dreading it, and together we planned for exciting adventures that were on the way. 

I had no idea how I was going to survive financially, and how everything was going to fall it place, but I trusted that it would.  I trusted the universe, and I believed! 

This is the key to having anything you want! I believed that it was going to be this way – and there was no other way that it could possibly be.  

And so it was.  

Everything I created within myself, appeared before me in my reality.  There was no other way it could be because I believed it would happen, with everything I had, and everything I was. It is the law of attraction in action! Just a few months ago my life was an awful struggle, and now it is filled with healing and i’m blessed everyday.   I get to be with my children, we live surrounded by native bush, live close to the beach, and enjoy yoga and bush walks every morning. I write, and create and work from home.  

Some people think I am so lucky to have what I have, but i’m not lucky.  I am creator.  I created this life by believing that it was about to become a reality.  

The same power that lies within me, lies within you.

The firsts step is to decide what it is you REALLY want and need.  

Once you have this vision, you can begin to live it, and feel how incredible it feels. You will then begin to vibe higher, and attract your new life. If you want to get started and don’t know where to start, fill in the ‘Manifest Your Desires’ worksheet that I personally use to manifest abundance.    

Let’s get started with manifesting your abundance by starting with this fun manifestation exercise

– What is one thing you want to bring into your life right now?

Love, gratitude and abundance,  Jamie x 

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