Aromatherapy blend for strength, inner power and confidence.

aromatherapy for children

As we already know, essential oils are very healing for both adults and children, and I don’t think a day goes by where we don’t use at least 3 essential oils in our home.  

Yes i’m an essential oil addict!

Essential oils bring us back into the moment, and we can all do with a little more of that. 

I love using essential oils with my children, it’s a big part of my Wild & Free Parenting Approach.  Children in particular are very responsive to the therapeutic properties in essential oils and they can be used for all kinds of mental and physical aliments.  They can be used for yoga practice, meditation or relaxation, but they can also be used for inspiration, to uplift and enlighten, and for clarity of mind. 

I created this oil blend for my daughter who is very shy, and often gets anxious when when she has to step out of her comfort zone. She’s one of the incredible bright lights, who sometimes can’t see how incredible she is.  

This is one of my FAVOURITE blends for increasing confidence and igniting my children’s inner strength.  They also love the smell, and I often use it myself when I need a little extra confidence boost.

‘Inner Strength Blend’

Pink grapefruit essential oil x 20 drops, lime essential oil x 4 drops and jasmine essential oil x 4 drops, blended into a base oil of almond oil 90ml.  Store in a dark bottle away from sunlight to ensure the therapeutic qualities of the oils are protected. 

The best ways to use this oil blend:

  • Rub a few drops of the oil onto your child’s pulse points.  These are found on the inside of the wrists, or on their neck. 
  • Pop a few drops of the blend on a tissue and let them carry it in their pocket.  They can pull out the tissue and smell it when needed throughout the day.
  • Use as massage blend for an evening massage (even just rubbing onto children’s arms, or legs works really well.
  • Add 10mls of the blend to a foot soak or warm bath with a tsp of sea salt at the end of a challenging day. (The bath will become slippery so sitting with them and reading a calming story while they soak may be best).
  • Add 1 few drops to an oil burner (without the almond oil)


It can be used for preschool jitters, before a performance, or on those evenings when children are falling apart because ‘no one likes them’, or they are are having trouble remembering how incredible they really are.

This divine oil blend can also be burned in an oil burner, without the almond oil carrier. 

A good set of pure essential oils makes up our holistic first aid kit, and are a must have for those of us wanting to avoid chemical nasties with our families. 

I have been studying the therapeutic qualities for many years and LOVE creating new blends. 

Comment below with what your family needs support with right now and I will reply with an essential oil blend that can help, or share your favourite blend with me.  Jamie x 

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