The Heart Chakra is one of the main 7 chakras of the body.  

heart chakra

It is located in the centre of the chest area, inline with the heart, and is associated with the colour green, and the element of air. 

Although all chakras are important, it is the heart chakra that is responsible for the love that flows out of us into the world, and also for receiving love. You may even think your heart chakra couldn’t possibly be blocked, because you are always giving, always loving and always kind.  

This may be true, but are you able to receive the love that is flowing back towards you?  

You may be depleted from giving continuously, and this has caused your heart chakra to block.  This can be very common in sensitive souls and light workers, because they are so giving, and can be absorbent of other people’s energies.  

When my daughter was 6 she went through a time of feeling so unloved, that she felt no one in the world loved her.  She began getting tearful over small things, and then would sob, telling us she felt unloved.  Eventually she even began to feel a pain in her heart.  This was heart breaking for us as parents! No matter what we said to her, or how many times a day we hugged her, she still felt unloved.  Luckily I discovered the answers we needed to start the healing.  It was because she is so loving, and is a energy healing crystal child, that her heart was constantly giving, she wasn’t able to receive and therefore became depleted.  Once I discovered her heart chakra was blocked, I was able to help her open it again, so she could feel the love that had been surrounding her all along.  


How to tell if your heart chakra is blocked – (You may feel one or more of the following). 


1 – You feel unloved.  This is one of the biggest, because when the heart chakra is blocked, not only does love not flow out, but it cannot be received. You are never alone, you are always connected to source energy, the energy of the universe, but if you cannot feel it, it maybe because your heart chakra is blocked.  

2 – The outflow of love is blocked. You will have trouble letting love flow out towards others, this includes feeling of jealousy, and resentment.  This also includes not being able to love yourself, so think about the feelings you have for yourself, are they warm, loving and kind.  No? Well, you probably have a blockage. 

3 – You feel angry easily.  Uncontrollable rage, or bursts of anger is a sure sign that the heart chakra is blocked. 

4 – You feel alone.  When the heart chakra is blocked you can feel alone, even though there may be people around you, and you are part of the universal flow of love, you feel disconnected.

5 – You have physical symptoms.  Heart pains, angina, hypertension, poor circulation, shyness (blushing), sadness, or depression are symptoms of a heart chakra blockage. 

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, it could well mean your heart chakra is blocked, but don’t worry, just as it was for my daughter, it can be quite simple to unblock the heart chakra, and allow the love to flow once again.  

In the next blog post I will be exploring 3 incredible ways to remove blockages from the heart chakra almost instantly, and also how to stop it from blocking so easily again.  These are so simple, and work fast!

Tell me below, I reply to all comments, do you have any of the symptoms that are listed above, how is this impacting your life?

Love, and light, 

Jamie x 

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