If you are like me you have probably collected a few essential oils along the way, I have a collection of around 60 essential oils I use in my natural skincare recipes, and although each one is therapeutic and healing in its own right, when blended they become even more powerful.

Making your own perfume is the perfect way to ensure you carry the scent of the essential oils with you through the day.  Use a solid perfume recipe such as the one I have given below, or simply pop the essential oils into a spray bottle with 50mls of water and a tsp of vodka.

Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

When blending to make a perfume blend 2-4 oils to begin with.  Make sure you start by using oils with a strong base note such as sandalwood, cedarwood or vanilla, then add oils with either a middle note such as jasmine or ylang ylang, and then experiment with adding top note essential oils such as your citrus oils.

I have found that some of the most unlikely blends turn out to be the best combinations. 

For example some people might not think bergamot and clove would blend well, but because they ares so different they end up working so well together.  You get a little bit of spice, a hint of citrus and a beautifully fragranced perfume. 

Essential oil perfume recipes

You can experiment by blending your own essential oils to make your favourite perfume blends, but here are some of my favourite fragrant essential oil perfume recipes to get you started. 

Essential Oil Perfume Recipes:

Solid Perfume Base Recipe: 10 grams beeswax melted together with 15 grams of coconut oil.  Remove from heat and add 20-25 drops of essential oil. Pour into a small pottle for storage.


Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

Peace Out is a floral perfume, with strong notes of fresh lavender and rose geranium, and with a hint of sweet vanilla to aid in relaxation. This is an ideal meditation or weekend chill out blend.






Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

Wild Child is earthy and freeing for the soul. Patchouli can be an old fashioned fragrance when worn alone, but by blending this earthy oil with a more floral oil such as rose geranium it works really well.  The addition of the sandalwood creates the perfect blend for unwinding in nature after a busy week. 





Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

Tall Poppy is a fragrance blended to remind us to stand out from the crowd.  Why fit in when we were made to stand out? Gorgeous pink grapefruit oil and seductive sweet orange combine with floral rose geranium to create an uplifting blend that will have people asking what it is that smells so good. 






Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

This is my new absolute favourite blend.  The clove is spicy and grounding, the lemon is bright and mouth watering, and the lemongrass is earthy and fresh.  The combination blends incredibly well, and every time I inhale this fragrance I am reminded to stop and just be in the moment,  A real soul healer for those of us who get carried away with the stress and hurry of life. 




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