We were born to experience everything life has to offer us. 

We were born to grow, expand, adventure and thrive. 


Are you doing any of these things? 

Are you growing? 

When was the last time you actually did something for you?  When was the last time you decided what you would do in a day? 

If you can’t remember, if it’s been so long then you may be feeling the full effects of a stifled soul. 

The soul is expansive and yearns for freedom. It doesn’t do well when it doesn’t get to explore or create or grow.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

The soul sends us messages each and every day in the form of whispers, niggles, and nudges.  It’s telling us what it is that we need to be, do and have in order to grow. Often these things are experiences that push us out of our comfort zone, BUT they are essential to our soul’s growth. 

The meaning of life is to grow.  When we stop growing we become sad, frustrated, depressed, anxious and can even be diagnosed with a mental illness. 


Worldwide, mental illness affects one in every 4 people.  People aren’t happy when they are doing things that make them unhappy. The Washington Post reported that only 13% of people are happy in their job.  That’s 87% of people feeling unhappy and stifled in their job.  The report said people were ‘disengaged’ or had actively ‘checked out’.  There is only one reason why people ‘check out’ and that’s because of boredom.  They just aren’t interested in the job, it doesn’t fill them up, it doesn’t allow them to be creative, or to doesn’t use their imagination.

If it’s boring it’s not their soul’s purpose while here on earth. 


Of course, not being happy where you are and with what you do each day is going to lead to sadness, and eventually to depression.  The soul does not like to be suppressed, it affects our entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. A stifled soul can cause mental illnesses such as depression, emotional issues such as sadness, crying, anger and mental issues such as worry, anxiety, and a deep sadness.  


If this is you, know this: This is not your natural state, and you are NOT meant to feel this way. 


How are you meant to feel?


When the soul is able to create, expand, learn, and explore, WE GROW. 

We grow as a whole being and it feels incredible. 

You are meant to feel content, joyful, and happy most of the time, and at other times you are meant to feel challenged.  Challenges are essential to our growth and they don’t always feel comfortable.  But challenges are necessary to allow us to shift out of one experience and into the next.  Like the lobster who sheds his shell under a rock when he outgrows it.  At first his entire being feels uncomfortable, so he leaves this comfort zone and sheds the shell and grows a new one.  Be like the lobster, and leave a situation behind you once you have outgrown it! 

If you are miserable at work, if your relationship isn’t working, if your friend makes you not want to pick up the phone, then maybe its time for a change.  This is your challenge, this is the soul calling you to do something different. 

If you don’t take control over your life and decide what you REALLY want to do, be and have then the world decides for you.

That’s how you end up somewhere you don’t want to be.  You have to be the one who takes back the power and DECIDES what you really want. 


Once you know, and you already DO know deep down, WRITE IT DOWN.  Make it into a goal and start to make small changes so that every day you are moving closer and closer to a place that will allow you to stop feeling stifled and start feeling free. 



What will you do today to allow yourself to grow?

Jamie x



P.S I mentioned how we need to be like the lobster and shed our old shell. Here is a great way to see how feelings of stress and challenges are forcing us to grow.


How to respond to stress: 

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