Here is everything you need to heal skin through the hot summers and also through the cold winters.  Extreme weather makes skin crack and this can be painful, so this simple DIY calendula salve recipe will be a great addition to the first aid kit. 

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DIY Calendula Salve Recipe

This balm is gentle on sensitive skin, and healing with lavender essential oil and inflammatory calendula petals. Divine! 

Servings: 70 Grams


• 30 g cocoa butter

• 25 g shea or mango butter

• 30 g olive oil

• 10 drops lavender essential oil

• 1 bud dried calendula


1. Melt all the ingredients together (except the essential oil) and stir gently to combine.


2. Remove from the heat, remove the calendula bud and add the essential oil.


3. Stir again and let cool until it is almost set.


4. Stir it well, and this will make the mixture creamy, then pop it into a glass jar or other pottle to use through the year.


Keep out of sunlight so that it doesn’t melt, and on hot days keep it in the fridge.  During winter it will be fine to go in your hand bag or sit on the bathroom counter. If it gets too cold…I only say this because we are edging towards snow here in NZ right now, it will harden and you can use it as a body butter block!

Note: I use a calendula bud because it is easily removed at the end of heating, but you can use petals and pop them into a metal strainer while heating.

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