Blueberry Chia ENERGY Smoothie

Blueberries are my favourite berry, and are ideal for my energy smoothie.  They are bursting with antioxidants and just so versatile.  My kids will eat frozen blueberries like sweets so I try and buy the organic brand to get chemicals down. Stock up on them while they are on special and store in the freezer till needed.

You can literally see the goodness!


Blueberry are an energy giving superfood that fuel the mind and body!  Try and eat a handful of blueberries every second day. 


Make sure you soak the almonds first, overnight if you can with a pinch of sea salt, this helps them to soften and turn into an almond milk without the need to make your own almond milk before hand. 

Another reason to soak nuts:

Soaking nuts also helps them to be easily digested and breaks down the process of hibernation that the nut has undertaken in order not to sprout until conditions are right.  This is how I explain to my kids the reason behind soaking nuts, if you want a more detailed explanation make sure you give it a google, or look out for my upcoming post on how and why to soak nuts. 


Right now we have a handful of soaked nuts, lets make a mouth watering energy smoothie!


Blueberry Chia ENERGY Smoothie


1/2 cup blueberries (Frozen)

600mls water

1/2 cup soaked almonds

1 tbsp chia seeds (Soak these for at least 1 hours before adding to the smoothie).

1 large ripe banana

Squeeze of lemon or lime juice if you have it on hand. 



Whizz all the ingredients together really well and enjoy.

Makes one large or two small smoothies.  


Check out my delicious Strawberry Smoothie, it’s gluten and dairy free too! Tell me below, what’s your favourite berry right now?


Dairy Free Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Dairy Free Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

dairy free strawberry smoothie recipe

This is one of my favourite smoothie recipes and it makes a great base for other smoothies.  It doesn’t contain any banana which is helpful for those days when the kids have raided the fruit bowl and your supplies are low….pretty much daily at our house!

It is not only dairy free and vegan friendly but this dairy free strawberry smoothie recipe works without expensive nut milks, PLUS you don’t even have to make your own nut milk. 

By soaking a handful of almonds the night before you activate them.  This makes them easily digestible and soft enough to turn into a yummy nut milk just by whizzing it well with the the other ingredients. 



It also helps keep in the extra fibre than can be lost when putting nut milk through a sieve.  


Dairy Free Strawberry Smoothie Recipe



1/2 cup of well soaked almonds

600mls water (or you can use coconut water if you have it handy)

1 cup of frozen strawberries (use other berries if you have them and don’t have strawberries, but they may not make it as sweet).

A good squeeze of lemon (I used 4 drops of my doTERRA lemon essential oil)



Simply whizz all ingredients really well.  I pop mine into my Blitz 2 Go and whizz for 30 seconds 3x. 


These delicious and refreshing smoothies go really well with my Easy Soft Peanut Butter Cookies – these are dairy free too are whipped up with only 4 ingredients! 


Remember: If you would like more recipes that are dairy free and easy to make let me know.  I have lots of yummy and nourishing recipes that I am happy to share with those wanting to make healthy changes to their lives. 


In the meantime I hope you enjoy this recipes as much as we do at our house! Jamie x 


Citrus Cleansing Juice

Delicious Citrus Cleansing Juice

citrus juice

I am a BIG citrus fan, I love the detoxifying properties of citrus, especially big juicy grapefruits.

Citrus juices are detoxifying, and high in vitamin C, so try and have one or two each week if you can.

The human body cannot make its own vitamin C, instead we need to get it from eating and drinking fresh fruits and vegetables.

Citrus juice helps to breakdown and eliminate toxins from the body. Juices like this are refreshing and tastes delicious!


2 peeled grapefruit

2 peeled oranges

1 peeled lemon or lime

4 large carrots


Wash the carrots, and put all the ingredients through your juicer on high speed. It is really that easy.

Enjoy! Serves 1-2.

The Powerhouse Loaf – (Best Gluten Free Bread)

The POWERHOUSE Loaf – (Best Gluten Free bread)

best gluten free bread

We have been mostly gluten free for the past 6 years and THIS bread is the BEST gluten free bread I have ever made!

It’s not only easy to make, but it is a functional food.  Meaning it has health giving properties for the mind and the body, and I LOVE that for my family. 


When we were forced to change our diet all those years ago because of illness, one of the best things we did was to give up supermarket bread. 


Supermarket bread is usually made up of refined flours and additives, even the gluten free options are lacking in good quality nutrients, and not to mention FLAVOUR!

If your just starting your healthy eating journey, this loaf is the ideal place to start because it is packed with nutrients, and high in protein. If your well into your health journey, you will love the energy and nourishment this loaf adds to your day! 


It is going to keep you fill, stabilise blood sugar levels and support the body to heal. 

It does contain oats, and some people who can’t tolerate gluten also can’t tolerate oats because of the protein in oats called avenins, but for our family we are able to tolerate and thrive on oats, so I have included the high protein ingredient in this loaf.  (If your looking for a gluten free bread, without oats let me know I’d be happy to share a recipe for you). 


The Powerhouse Loaf Recipe

best gluten free bread


2 1/4 cups oats (gluten free)

2 1/2 cups water

1 cup chopped and toasted almonds

1 cup toasted sunflower seeds

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup brown rice flour 

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tbsp honey

2 heaped tablespoons of chia seeds

1/2 tsp sea salt



Note: (Firstly toast the nuts and seeds if you haven’t done this already.  It’s tempting to skip it, but it’s well worth the extra 10 minutes because toasting brings out the flavour of the seeds and you will notice it when eating the bread.  Pop the nuts into a fry pan and lightly toast for 5 minutes, then add the seeds and toast for a further 5 minutes).

  • Pop the nuts and seeds into a large bowl and add the flour, salt and oil. 
  • Next add the water and stir in the honey. 
  • Mix to combine.
  • Lastly add the chia seeds and stir well.
  • Cover with a cloth and pop into the fridge for at least 3 hours.  I make this at night and cook it first thing in the morning.  Don’t skip this part because the chia seeds are going to soak up all that water.
  • Time to bake that loaf! 
  • Preheat oven to 180 C, and oil a loaf tin.  Pop the full mixture into the loaf tin, making sure that it’s pushed in well with the back of a spoon.  Sprinkle with a few extra seeds if you wish.
  • Bake in the middle of the oven for 1 hour and 10 minutes, or until well cooked and golden on the top.
  • Let it sit in the loaf tin for around an hour, or until mostly cool before removing from the loaf tin.  Then remove it from the tin and let cool completely on a rack.  
  • Letting the loaf cool will help it slice beautifully.  

Enjoy! You can use a slice of this delicious bread to pop sandwich toppings on, or toast to have with peanut butter.  Both ways are delicious.  I stored our loaf in a brown paper bag and found it got even better through the week as it lost more moisture. If you enjoyed my best gluten free bread recipe, let me know! 

Jamie x 


Looking for a healthy sweet treat that’s free from refined sugar? Try my Apple Crumble Cookies – they are a big hit! 



Best Banana Smoothie

The Best Banana Smoothie

Why is it the best?

  •  It’s simple! Just 4 everyday ingredients.
  • Dairy and gluten free
  •  Bursting with flavour – thanks to the addition of the juicy fresh pineapple.
  •  Tummy healing almonds fill you up.


As well as being the BEST banana smoothie, it is possibly our favourite go to smoothie recipe, especially for times when we are in a hurry and need to grab something on the go. 


The kids LOVE this recipe and easily whip it up themselves. 


Any leftovers are ideal for freezing as ice pops for a healthy dessert!

This smoothie is a tummy healing godsend, and a great place to start if you are new to smoothies because it won’t cause the bloating that green smoothies can cause.

Use this recipe as is, or make it your own by adding berries, seeds or even a scoop of pea protein powder. 


The BEST Banana Smoothie Recipe



2 soft ripe bananas (It will be sweeter the riper the bananas)

1/4 sliced skinless pineapple

700mls of water

1 handful of almonds (soak your almonds first for at least a few hours to activate and soften them)



A Glass Of Tummy Healing Goodness

Simply whizz all the ingredients together and enjoy!

This makes two medium size smoothies that are thick and creamy! 



Jamie x 

If you enjoyed tis easy recipe, try my nourishing Chocolate Sunflower Milk – It’s dairy free too!

Chocolate Sunflower Milk Recipe

Chocolate Sunflower Milk 

chocolate sunflower milk recipe

My gorgeous kids have been wild animals today! 

Maybe it’s the wind, and the cooler weather, or maybe they are getting a little bit overtired, but it was a sign they needed to stop and just be still for a while.  

They both love this deliciously calming chocolate sunflower milk, and always seem so settled after a big glass of it.

Sunflower milk is super easy to make, and a great dairy free alternative to cows milk.  I made this while doing the lunch dishes today and while the kids were jumping around in the kitchen with excitement to drink it.

Sunflowers are especially high in the vitamins and minerals children need to thrive, including tryptophan an essential amino acid which helps to calm the mind and body. 💕


It’s also good for us adults too…love that right?


Chocolate Sunflower Milk Recipe



1 cup of sunflower seeds – soaked in water for a couple of hours or overnight 

400mls of water

1 tablespoon coconut sugar

1 tbsp organic fair trade cocoa 

pinch of sea salt



Drain the water from the sunflower seeds and add the seeds and 400mls of new water to a blender.

Whizz the seeds and water well.

Once smooth, drain the sunflower milk through a muslin cloth or strainer.  I have a colander that fits into a bowl so I can just tip the whole mixture in easily, and it drains itself. 

Add the strained sunflower milk back into the blender along with the cocoa, coconut sugar, and pinch of sea salt and whizz again. 

This makes it nice and fluffy.

You can enjoy the chocolate sunflower milk cold, or heat it gently in a pot on the stove until it’s warm.  This takes around 2-3 minutes.


It is super easy, so I hope that it made sense when you read my directions? If not let me know and I can clarify.  

Jamie x 


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