Learn Your First Manifestation Exercise

I love using this manifestation exercise to give people a glimpse of the power they have to create abundance.  

You will LOVE how easy your first manifestation exercise is, and how easy it is about to become to have draw in abundance. 

Manifestation practice exercise

This is the same exercise that I started using when I wanted to test my new-found skills in manifesting abundance.

It is incredible how easily I can manifest something now, even big things, like My Own Paradise, but we all have to start somewhere, and right here, right now is the best place.  

Let’s start with something small, that feels achievable for our first manifestation exercise. 


Manifest using these 3 simple steps.


1: Choose something from the following for the first manifestation (a feather, a coin or an animal of your choice)

2: Post it below or write it down on a piece of paper.

3: Repeat this affirmation ‘Thank you universe for responding to my thoughts, actions and vibrations and for bringing this sign into existence along my path today. Thank you, thank you, thank you’.

And so it is…..

Now go about your day with the expectation that you WILL see the sign that you have asked for.  It may appear anywhere along you path today, and can even just pop up on your computer screen, or in your social media news feeds.  It may be on a magazine at the store, or on someones t-shirt.  You will be drawn to noticing it, because the sign has been created by you, along with the almighty power of the universe. 

It really is that simple.  

Put out what you want with thoughts and feelings, and then belive that you are worthy of receiving it.

Remember to be grateful for what is already on its way to you. 


Let me know when and where you see your sign, Jamie x

When you are ready to start manifesting bigger things into your life grab a free copy of My Personal Manifestation Worksheet and Affirmation. 

3 Signs The Universe Is Telling You To Slow Down

Life just keeps getting busier, more complicated and the expectations that others have for us keep piling up…right? This is true, but only if you allow it to be so!

signs the universe is telling you to slow down

By taking your power back, and having control over your own life, you step into the universal flow, where everything slows down, and becomes easier and more effortless.  

I know this because each of the following 3 signs were red flags that I needed to slow down, but I didn’t listen until I was forced to by being burned out. 


Being in the flow allows us to do less, but achieve more – that sounds good doesn’t it?

Is the universe telling you to slow down, but you have just been far to busy to listen?  The signs the universe gives us are just small to begin with, but if you don’t listen, before too long the signs will get bigger and bigger.  Eventually we will be forced to stop by a situation that feels out of our control.  By taking note of the first signs, you can add in a little R&R before you have to take some major time out to recuperate.  


Here are 3 signs the universe may be telling you to slow down

1 – Bumping into things.

You keep catching your toe on the coffee table leg, or you are waking into door knobs! You have bruises on your shins from the tow bar of the car, or you just hit your funny bone on the corner of the bench, and it wasn’t very funny! This is one of the first signs that your mind is going faster than your soul and body can keep up with.  When I was at my busiest before I changed my lifestyle a few months ago, I was covered in bruises from bumping into things all the time.  Now I listen at the first few signs before I start to really hurt myself, and it’s usually something small like starting to get my cardigan stuck on a door knob that stops me, and I realise I am out of the flow.  

2 – Forgetting things.

You think you are losing your mind, and start to feel insane when you cannot remember simple things, like the name of your co-worker, or what day it is. You forget so many things in one week you even begin to wonder if dementia is setting in.  You walk into yet another room at high speed, racing to get everything done, but you find yourself just standing there, wondering what on earth it was you came into the room in the first place for.  Your mind is running at a faster pace than your body and soul can keep up with, and your head is overfilled with too much ‘stuff’.  This is a classic sign its time to slow down!

3 – Illness strikes.

Illness is always a sign from our bodies that something is wrong.  Often it occurs after many of those smaller niggles were ignored.  You felt tired, or your felt tension growing at the base of your neck, but you kept going anyway. Tiredness is a simple message that we need to rest, but it is so often overlooked. Tiredness then build into fatigue, and quite often we are forced to stop and rest when our bodies just wont get out of bed.  Most people think it is normal to get sick, but it’s actually not something we have to go through at all.  A healthy mind, body and soul that are balanced and in the universal flow, will not get sick.  Stop, and go within.  Ask your body what it needs, and really, really listen to the message it has for you. Colds, coughs, backache, neck strain, stomachaches, headaches, and fatigue are all signs thats something bigger is going on within us.  


If you have any of these signs, it’s time to take that rest period you have been meaning to take for a while now, before you are forced to rest at a more inconvenient time, and for longer.  Listen to the niggles, your body knows best! Never feel guilty for taking time out to rest, it is a basic need that we are all entitled to.


Please share with me, i’d love to hear if you have any of these signs?

Love, light and peace, 
Jamie x 

3 Step Blueprint To Achieving Your Gaols

We all want to be successful right?

blueprint for achieving your goals

But how many people in the world actually are?

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people set goals, and unsuccessful people rely on others to guide them, and tell them what they should and shouldn’t be doing in life.  

It all comes back to power again! Successful people have discovered that they are the powerful creators of their own reality!  Unsuccessful people have not discovered this ….yet,

This is my 3 step blueprint for achieving your goals – there is no other process that has worked for me as effectively and as fast as this one.

For every goal that I have achieved, I have followed these 3 steps in this order, and if you apply them to your life, you can achieve your goals……and achieve them faster. 


3 Step Blueprint For Achieving Your Goals

1 – Set a goal.  

Write it down and be specific.  If you are not clear about what it is you want to do, be or achieve then the universe won’t be clear on it either…anything could happen.  Decide on what it is you want, write it down, and revisit it daily.

2 – Believe that you can achieve it.  

If you cannot belive in it, you cannot achieve it.  You have to believe that you are capable, and you are worthy! Feel that you are already so incredibly successful and before you know it you will be.  There is no other way that it can be.  Once you have 100% unwavering self belief in YOU.  You will success, you will achieve the goal.  It is law.

3 – Take inspired action.

The universe hears you loud and clear when you follow through with the first 2 steps.  Next you will be given inspiration, and guidance from the universe to allow you to achieve your goal.  You are never alone, and you cannot achieve any goal by yourself.  You have the support of universal forces bigger and more powerful that you can imagine.  So use them! Don’t ignore or bush off this help.  It will come in the form of inspired ideas, new experiences, opportunities and meetings with people.  Be awake, be open and see these for what they are. Take inspired action.

Following these 3 steps is what has helped me to move past some of the biggest blocks imaginable.  I had to be specific about what I wanted to achieve, I revisited my goals daily, and I had to believe in myself when no one else did! I looked within me and found that I was worth it.  

You can do this too.  Believe you can, and you can!

It is really that simple. 

The universe is always guiding you and supporting you, even the fact that you are reading this is a sign from the universe that you are ready to take that next step, and become serious about your goals.  


Share one of your goals with me below, or send me a message, i’d love to help you get started, and hear your progress.  

Love and light, 

Jamie x 


The Key to Manifesting Abundance

The key to manifesting abundance is believing in yourself, and seeing yourself as a creator! 

It’s all about understanding your power and raising your SELF-WORTH!

the key to manifesting abundanceSelf Worth is the golden ticket to success.   

I cannot even start to tell you how much it’s changed my life, from feeling like I didn’t deserve to be alive, to loving who I am and what I offer the world! 

Anyone who has ever achieved greatness, began with the INTENTION of what they were going to manifest into their lives before they did anything else.

They then added an unwavering self-belief that they were worth it and they could do it, and before too long they achieved their goals.


The spiritual laws of manifesting tell us that we cannot bring anything more into our lives unless we feel we deserve it.

Did you notice I said ‘feel’ we deserve it, and not ‘think’ we deserve it.  Because what you feel is so much stronger than what you think.  Feelings have  a higher vibration that thoughts. 

You may think and even say aloud, ‘Oh yeah, I deserve to be rich, I deserve to have more money’ but if deep inside you what you actually feel is ‘I am so sick and tired of struggling with money, it’s always going to be this way, it’s probably all I deserve’.  Then you are never going to be able to attract anything more that struggle, and the feeling of being sick and tired.   

We are vibrating energy magnets who are constantly attracting the same vibrating energy towards us.  

What we ARE is what we ATTRACT.

Most people don’t have a healthy amount of self worth, which is why most people don’t attract a whole lot of incredible abundance into their lives.  Most people fit into the ‘normal’ bracket, they have self-doubts, they don’t think they can achieve more, and they form the belief of who they are from past experiences, society and what others tell they are.  Normal is not all that fun.  

This is one of the reasons that I am always talking about POWER.  You have heard me say, “Take back your power”. That’s because without your power you cannot control your reality, and if you cannot control your reality, you cannot manifest your desires. 

Your self-worth is in your control – you have the power to change the way you feel about yourself.

Self worth MUST come from within you, never from outside of you.  If it comes from outside then you rely on comments from friends to tell you that you exist, or compliments, or social media likes, or awards, or grades, and so on.  When it comes from within, then it is in your control, and no one can lower your self-worth without you giving them permission.  

Discover your self worth and you have discovered the key to a happy, fulfilled and successful life.  When you decide that you will achieve something, you achieve it, because there is no self-doubt slowing you down or stopping you anymore.  

You become unstoppable! 

Rise tall, discover your worth, and you discover your power,

Jamie x 

P.S Share at least one thing that you love and treasure about yourself below. 

I will go first, I love that I continually push myself out of my comfort zone, even though its not always easy, I find the courage within me, and I do it anyway.  Strength! 

Your turn beautiful soul……


I created my own paradise using ‘The Law of Attraction’

By using The Law of Attraction – You can manifest anything you want.   Anything!  how to manifest abundance

It’s true, and yet there are not many people in the world that actually know and believe this.  

That’s why there are not many people in this would that actually have a life that is filled with abundance. 

However if we were taught this from a young age, it would truly change the world! 

My life, only a few months ago, used to be a daily struggle, even though I had read over 100 self-help books, from ‘The Secret’ to the ‘The Aladdin Factor’, and tried as hard as I could to implement the knowledge from these books into my life.     I worked so hard, so very hard, trying to make it in the world, trying to be someone, trying to be a successful teacher, mother, wife, mentor, and human being.

Yet I was continually exhausted, and was seeing the opposite of what I really wanted.  I wanted more time with my kids, I wanted to raise them out of the city, in our own rural paradise, yet I barely saw them because I was working so much, and our tiny suburban section didn’t even have a tree for them to climb. I wanted so desperately for everything to change, I resented the life I had, yet I couldn’t seem to do anything to bring in the life I wanted.  

I woke up in the mornings dreading the day, with everything feeling like a struggle, until I would collapse exhausted into bed at night.    After a while I gave up trying so hard, and asking, and pleading for things to change, and I got mad at the universe.  

I was mad that life was exhausting me, and I didn’t get to spend time with my kids, and when I did I was too tired to get off the couch.  I was mad life felt like a struggle, and no one was helping me through it.  I soon hit rock bottom, and felt I couldn’t take one more minute of the struggle.

Have you ever ben so exhausted that you felt like you could just curl up and die? 

And there, in that rock bottom moment, I felt a strange and sudden knowing.  A knowing that I was creating all of this pain and struggle.  It was all me! I was creating it by focusing on how awful and exhausting it all was.  The more I focused on the struggle, the more struggle I created!  I had not only created it, but by resisting it I was holding it in my life.    In feeling this way, I was putting out a vibration of sadness, exhaustion, struggle and anger. So how on earth could I expect to bring in anything different that what I was seeing?    In this moment I knew that I had to stop being sad, and angry and I had to go within, and start consciously creating the feelings that I would have if my life was the way I wanted it to be.   With that I decided what I wanted my life to be like in a few months time, and I focused on those wonderful feelings.  

I would be working form home, writing, and creating everyday.  My children would be home schooled. We would live rurally, surrounded by native bush, yet close to the healing properties of the sea. Money would come easily to me, and I would be abundant in every area of my life.  I would mediate every morning, and enjoy yoga and bush walks with my children.  

Every single day I focused on the feelings that these things created within.  I talked openly to my children about how I was leaving work and we would be together everyday.  We all began to get excited about life, instead of dreading it, and together we planned for exciting adventures that were on the way. 

I had no idea how I was going to survive financially, and how everything was going to fall it place, but I trusted that it would.  I trusted the universe, and I believed! 

This is the key to having anything you want! I believed that it was going to be this way – and there was no other way that it could possibly be.  

And so it was.  

Everything I created within myself, appeared before me in my reality.  There was no other way it could be because I believed it would happen, with everything I had, and everything I was. It is the law of attraction in action! Just a few months ago my life was an awful struggle, and now it is filled with healing and i’m blessed everyday.   I get to be with my children, we live surrounded by native bush, live close to the beach, and enjoy yoga and bush walks every morning. I write, and create and work from home.  

Some people think I am so lucky to have what I have, but i’m not lucky.  I am creator.  I created this life by believing that it was about to become a reality.  

The same power that lies within me, lies within you.

The firsts step is to decide what it is you REALLY want and need.  

Once you have this vision, you can begin to live it, and feel how incredible it feels. You will then begin to vibe higher, and attract your new life. If you want to get started and don’t know where to start, fill in the ‘Manifest Your Desires’ worksheet that I personally use to manifest abundance.    

Let’s get started with manifesting your abundance by starting with this fun manifestation exercise

– What is one thing you want to bring into your life right now?

Love, gratitude and abundance,  Jamie x 

4 Ways To Have More Energy

Everything is energy – and if your energy is low, you will vibe low! All those things you want to manifest into your life, just aren’t attracted to low vibes.

ways to have more energy

How much more difficult is it to live a happy life when your low in energy?

I know it’s so difficult, not just for your body, but for your mind.  

When my energy levels are low my ego kicks in big time with negativity, and doom and gloom! I have to keep my energy levels stable so I can feel as good as possible about myself and my life. 

If you want to attract good things, and you want them fast, you have to vibe higher.  Higher vibrations attract good things much faster than low vibrations.

I unfortunately know a whole lot about low energy and feeling like crap! I used to suffer from fatigue, depression, anxiety and was almost diagnosed with chronic fatigue after 6 month of awful symptoms, the doctors were at a loss to why I was so exhausted, and had just prescribed me with antidepressants.  For me this wasn’t the answer, and I knew I had to make some changes fast, before I felt any worse! 

Here’s how I went from burned out, to bouncing out of bed in the mornings, and you can too!




Get rid of all those foods that aren’t fuel.  I was addicted to sugar, so this was a tough one for me.  I swapped my sugary biscuits for fresh salad and tuna, and within a week my sugar cravings had almost gone! My energy levels were returning and I no longer spent hours in bed. My top 3 foods that lower your vibes is a great place to start. 


This could mean the pile of bills sitting on the coffee table waiting to be paid.  Pay them or clip them into your diary on the day that you will pay them. Get them out of site.  It also means that clutter that’s all over the kitchen beach, garage or spare room.  The kids toys that have taken over the lounge, get them in to clear them out.  Reclaim your space, and make it a space that lifts you higher.  It also means any people who drain you.  The neighbour that has you talking as you get out of your car each evening, politely tell them you have to go inside.  The person who calls you at dinner time and wants your credit card number for their charity, politely tell them it’s not a good time. That friend who talks behind everyones back, and the more time you spend with them has you feeling like a wilting flower.  Spend less time with them. Don’t feel bad, you have to protect your energy or you will have nothing left.  What about your job…does something need to change there?


You don’t have time? You have to make time, because your soul is calling you to heal.  Nature is a super healer, nothing compares! All these vitamins and supplements they advertise on tv, have nothing on a few hours a week near native bush, sea water or an earthy woods.  


Joy is an instant energy booster. Do something that lights you up.  Joy and happiness are major energy boosters.  Watch a funny movie, because when was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach muscles actually hurt?  I remember in the middle of my fatigue and misery, something happened that made me laugh, and it felt like the weirdest sensation  My face actually hurt after a few laughs, that’s how long it has been. We should be laughing everyday, smiling and feeling like life is a joy, not a burden.  Part of changing my life, meant making time to do all those things that lit me up. 


If you think you don’t have time for all this let me tell you a secret that not many people know…..

Having a high vibration, and maintaining a high vibe, actually uses less energy than it takes to vibe low!

It’s true! It actually takes a lot of your body and soul energy to keep your vibration low, yet when you vibe high, you create more energy and can experience so many more things.  This is one of the reasons people think I seem to do so many things that others think they don’t have time for.  The things I do lift me up, help me to vibe high, and so allow me to do even more of what I love. 

How are your energy levels right now?

Are they low? Would you be interested in more blogs and videos about boosting your energy? 

Let me know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I’m here to help, because I have been where you are, I want you to feel what I feel everyday! 

Love, and energy, 

Jamie x