Do you feel stifled?


We were born to experience everything life has to offer us. 

We were born to grow, expand, adventure and thrive. 


Are you doing any of these things? 

Are you growing? 

When was the last time you actually did something for you?  When was the last time you decided what you would do in a day? 

If you can’t remember, if it’s been so long then you may be feeling the full effects of a stifled soul. 

The soul is expansive and yearns for freedom. It doesn’t do well when it doesn’t get to explore or create or grow.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

The soul sends us messages each and every day in the form of whispers, niggles, and nudges.  It’s telling us what it is that we need to be, do and have in order to grow. Often these things are experiences that push us out of our comfort zone, BUT they are essential to our soul’s growth. 

The meaning of life is to grow.  When we stop growing we become sad, frustrated, depressed, anxious and can even be diagnosed with a mental illness. 


Worldwide, mental illness affects one in every 4 people.  People aren’t happy when they are doing things that make them unhappy. The Washington Post reported that only 13% of people are happy in their job.  That’s 87% of people feeling unhappy and stifled in their job.  The report said people were ‘disengaged’ or had actively ‘checked out’.  There is only one reason why people ‘check out’ and that’s because of boredom.  They just aren’t interested in the job, it doesn’t fill them up, it doesn’t allow them to be creative, or to doesn’t use their imagination.

If it’s boring it’s not their soul’s purpose while here on earth. 


Of course, not being happy where you are and with what you do each day is going to lead to sadness, and eventually to depression.  The soul does not like to be suppressed, it affects our entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. A stifled soul can cause mental illnesses such as depression, emotional issues such as sadness, crying, anger and mental issues such as worry, anxiety, and a deep sadness.  


If this is you, know this: This is not your natural state, and you are NOT meant to feel this way. 


How are you meant to feel?


When the soul is able to create, expand, learn, and explore, WE GROW. 

We grow as a whole being and it feels incredible. 

You are meant to feel content, joyful, and happy most of the time, and at other times you are meant to feel challenged.  Challenges are essential to our growth and they don’t always feel comfortable.  But challenges are necessary to allow us to shift out of one experience and into the next.  Like the lobster who sheds his shell under a rock when he outgrows it.  At first his entire being feels uncomfortable, so he leaves this comfort zone and sheds the shell and grows a new one.  Be like the lobster, and leave a situation behind you once you have outgrown it! 

If you are miserable at work, if your relationship isn’t working, if your friend makes you not want to pick up the phone, then maybe its time for a change.  This is your challenge, this is the soul calling you to do something different. 

If you don’t take control over your life and decide what you REALLY want to do, be and have then the world decides for you.

That’s how you end up somewhere you don’t want to be.  You have to be the one who takes back the power and DECIDES what you really want. 


Once you know, and you already DO know deep down, WRITE IT DOWN.  Make it into a goal and start to make small changes so that every day you are moving closer and closer to a place that will allow you to stop feeling stifled and start feeling free. 



What will you do today to allow yourself to grow?

Jamie x



P.S I mentioned how we need to be like the lobster and shed our old shell. Here is a great way to see how feelings of stress and challenges are forcing us to grow.


How to respond to stress: 

Important Messages For Your Soul

Are you missing important messages from your soul?  

There are messages of wisdom waiting for you that can help you know the next step to take in life, what decision to make, and may even have the power to change your life. 

First though, you have to create an environment where these messages can actually be heard. 



If you are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, depressed and you don’t know why, then maybe you need to make time to hear the messages that have been waiting for you. There is a reason behind every emotion. 


Why can’t I hear these messages already?

We live in a hurried, fast-paced society, where sitting still and having quiet moments to ourselves is fast becoming a thing of the past. We fill our quiet moments with food, tv, social media, small talk, apps, and gaming. It is in the quietness and in the stillness that the messages from the soul speak to us. 

It is rare to even see someone standing in line at the post office who isn’t filling the quiet moments with their phone, playing a game or scrolling social media. People waiting for the bus used to have time to process thoughts and receive intuitive messages from within them, now they are glued to their phones and the messages go unheard. 


Inner wisdom from the soul isn’t loud, the soul doesn’t yell at us, or stop us in our tracks, in fact, it gently whispers and niggles at us, but too often we miss the messages because we are too busy being busy. 

Life is chaotic right? You are woken by an alarm clock, you hurry out the door, you have children to care for, jobs to get to and responsibilities and roles to fulfill.  By the time you get into bed at night, you are too exhausted to hear anything but the voice of the ego telling you what you did wrong that day, or telling you what could go wrong tomorrow and so on. 


Worry and fear only come from the ego, and happiness, joy, and peace come from the soul. 


By disconnecting from the ego and connecting with the soul we can bring in the wisdom on a higher knowing, and create a life that fills us up.

Are you making time for the messages? Even when we collapse into bed exhausted we still drown out any whisperings with social media, tv or video games. 


To hear the messages of wisdom you have to create an environment where you can hear them.  The ideal environment is one of quiet, one of stillness and one of calm.


Make time just for you each day at around the same time, so that it becomes part of your routine. It can be life changing to start to get these messages and be able to make the changes in your life that bring you onto the path of happiness and joy. 

Try this: Get up 15 minutes before you usually do, light a candle or go for a walk, no phone, no music, and just listen to the messages that start to bubble up. 

Or during your lunch break get outdoors and go for a walk, or go and sit in your car away from the noise and artificial lighting.  Listen to what’s bubbling up and write down what you hear and feel, even if it doesn’t seem like it makes sense.  It soon will you just may need to practice this for a little while longer to collect all the messages. 


What will you do today to create the right environment so you can receive your messages?

Jamie x 

What our children teach us about ourselves

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Mirror Mirror

I have discovered something that really changed me as a parent.

It turns out that what you see in your child is also what is inside of you.

Maybe it is something you have buried deep, or perhaps it’s right there on the surface, but either way, if you see it in your child, it is because it is part of who you too.


When I first heard this idea, it took me a little time to realise the truth for what it was. I thought ‘Oh no, don’t you go blaming me for my child’s potty mouth, or low self-worth.

I’m always telling my children not to use bad language, and to believe in themselves, so it can’t possibly be my fault when they display these behaviours. Well I was right it wasn’t my fault, and that’s something as parents we need to stop doing. No more blaming ourselves for our children’s behaviours. But it is something we need to realise in order to make a change within our children, we need to make a change within ourselves first.

If I had been handed a magical guidebook for how to raise my children when they were born, it would have told me this very critical piece of information.

Life is a mirror.

Our children mirror back to us what we are. So before we go diving into changing our child’s behaviour we may as well just make ourselves a cup of tea, and sit down on the couch for a while and look within ourselves.

Remember we are not blaming ourselves, we are all a little flawed, no one’s perfect, and we are here on this earth to learn, and to extend ourselves.

Our children actually help us through this process and help bring to light those things we thought we had buried for good years ago.

After I heard this, I began to see it every day in my family, in both good ways and in ways that challenged me to the core.

Even the things that I thought I had ‘gotten over,’ or covered over so very deeply that they were now in a place I can only describe as ‘no man’s land’ were being waved in front of me on a daily basis. I guess I had been a little blind, as I had been on a journey to change my children, and change their behaviours to meet my expectations.

It really was getting me nowhere fast and was using my energy, and patience up faster than I could muster it.

I soon realized I needed to work on myself.

So I took a break from being a reactive parent to simply observing what I was seeing and hearing.

This is what I saw…

The same loving heart that I witnessed in my children was the loving heart I have. The times when I saw my daughter pick up an insect and put it on the grass so it wouldn’t get stepped on, was the empathy and compassion for the world that was in me as well. When I was sad and full of self-doubt, and my son patted me on the back and said ‘Mum, you are amazing, never doubt yourself, everything going to be O.K.” was the same love and understanding that was in me. When my daughter cried, “No one loves me, I’m all alone”.  I knew that feeling too.

And when my son yelled, “Everyone is against me, I can’t do anything right, life isn’t fair!” I knew that one well too.


Once I opened my eyes, and just began to observe my family, how clearly I could now see the truth reflected in the mirror.


My son upset one day, said, “Mum, I don’t think I am meant to be here with this family. I think there was a mistake, and I got born, but there isn’t actually a place for me here”. Now I could have spent the next few weeks working on allowing my son to feel he has a place in our family by loving him more, praising him more and so on, but I knew I already did all of that every day. I also knew where I had heard this before. I said the exact same thing to my mum many years ago. I felt the same thing as he felt right then.

thought I had gotten over it, not having a place within my family, but I had actually buried that feeling of not being enough, down deep within myself. And now here it was looking me in the face. In fact, it’s a belief I have carried for many years, a feeling of not being able to fit in anywhere, because I think and feel differently to other people.

I remember growing up thinking God had made a mistake when I was born, he was having an off day and placed me somewhere where I had no place value. It led to a life of suffering and to me almost not being here to write these words today.

I worked on some of it over the years and obviously buried the rest. But when it’s looking me right in the face disguised as my 10-year-old son, there is no more hiding it.

What I couldn’t do for myself all those years ago, I now had to do for my son.

I had to let go of that feeling I wasn’t good enough and wasn’t meant for this world, and I had to see that standing there right then and there I was everything I was meant to be, in the perfect place at the perfect time. I was meant to be born, meant to go through what I went through, and I was meant for this world, just as my son is meant for this world, as you and your precious child are meant for this world.


The universe doesn’t make mistakes.


We are all born for a reason, everything that happens to us happens for a reason.


We are not mistakes, we are miracles.


Affirmation: ‘Today I take MY place in the world. The place that was meant for me and me alone. The unique path and life purpose that was created for me with love. I rise up, I stand tall, and I accept that I am meant for this world’.

3 Best Crystals For Love

The 3 BEST Crystals For Love 

best crystals for love

When it comes to attracting love into your life, you first have to be able to love yourself. 


Loving yourself opens the heart so that you can truly love others, and because like attracts like, once you feel love for yourself, the law of attraction ensures that this energy is extended out into the world. 

Before you know it, love will come looking for you with very little effort on your part.


The following crystals are my top 3 best crystals for love and are used by many healers around the world as a conduit for LOVE:

Rose Quartz – Promotes feelings of love, compassion, joy and warmth.

One of my absolute favourite crystals is the rose quartz crystal. 

It is valuable in enhancing self love as well as being a powerful attractant for those looking for love.

Rose Quartz – The Crystal Of LOVE

This soft pick crystal helps to heal pain from past hurts, deepens feelings of love for oneself and helps to keep the love between two people strong and pure.


RhodoniteHelps to unblock the heart chakra, release fear and builds compassion.

This crystal is often found in smaller pieces, and is a mixture of rich pink crystals and darker grey mineralisation. 

The power of this crystal is that it supports the heart chakra to release any blockages that it may have.  If the heart chakra is blocked this can push love away. 

We don’t want that….

Some people will go right through their life being ‘unlucky’ in love, when it was their heart charka holding onto a past hurt that was pushing love away all along. 

Once releasing this blockage from the heart, love can finally flow in easily and effortlessly.


Jade – Promotes unconditional love and opens the heart.

Jade is often called a lucky charm because of it’s powers to promote love, health and wealth. 

crystals for love

Jade For Love, Health & Wealth

Jade is used to attract new love and deepen the connections of love between two people who have been together for a long time. 

Jade also allows for deep seated issues to be resolved between ones self, or between two people by bringing hidden issues to the surface.  



Try This Powerful Love Spell:


When we are wanting to attract love into our lives we can ONLY do this by loving ourself completely first. 

Use this powerful love spell to heal your heart, release blockages from the heart chakra and bring pure love into your life. 

Time – Allow at least 30-40 minutes for the love spell, and repeat at least once a week.


The LOVE Spell

1 – Ground Yourself. 

Place your bare feet onto the grass or the earth outside. 

Take a long deep breath and imagine their are roots growing down through your feet into the earth.  The roots draw up nourishment into your body and you feel your whole body becoming replenished. 

Continue to take slow deep breaths (around 5 of these) until you feel your entire body buzzing with the energy of the earth,

2 – Release Your Fears.

Sit cross legged on the grass.

Hold the love crystal or crystals of your choice in your right hand and lightly press them against your heart. 

Cover them with your left hand now too, taking a deep breath in through the nose as you do.  As you release the breath you feel past hurts and blockages release through your mouth and into the air.  Continue this for at least 5 more breaths.  


3 – Affirmation 

Repeat the affirmation as many times as you feel you need to, but no less than 3x:

I Am Loved, I Am Loved, I Am Loved.

Rhodonite For Healing The Heart Chakra


Remember: Bubbles of emotion may be ready to rise up to be released, and this can feel uncomfortable for those of us who are used to holding into emotions.  It is much better to let them go, and this may cause tears to flow, so know this is completely normal.

You can repeat this daily to speed the healing process, or continue it weekly. 

Optional: You can also use an essential oil on your heart chakra before beginning the exercise and before going to bed at night. 

Rose is the essential oil of love, and would works beautifully for this spell.  Otherwise choose an oil that resonates with you and use that diluted in coconut oil on your heart charka.

If you found the love spell helpful, or would love to learn more about crystals, please let me know with a few words below, 


Love & Healing,

Jamie x 

What Should I Eat To Be Healthy?

Healthy eating…..It’s confusing right!??

Most people I speak to feel bombarded with different diets, superfood powders, kitchen appliances, and advice …everything you are now told to do is the opposite of what you just read.  

So in this crazy busy, information packed world, with big businesses all out for a quick buck, how do you REALLY know what is healthy and what isn’t?

I always use this great piece of advice when deciding if something is healthy for my body or not….

Eat like we did before the supermarkets opened their doors….

We didn’t eat anything from a box, or a packet or a bread bag…we didn’t eat bread or wheat (not the kind we eat now anyway) or processed sugars, and we certainly didn’t eat the millions of chemical additives that are poured into foods to prolong their  life and make them more attractive to consumers like we do now.


And you know the craziest thing??? We didn’t suffer from all the obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, ADHD, and autism that we suffer from now. 

Check out my quick video explaining what healthy food REALLY is by clicking below.


The Inspirational Words That Changed My Life

I haven’t always been super positive, it’s something I have had to work at, and then work at again and again and again, until being positive is now something that just comes naturally to me.  

I believe that inspirational words have the power to change our subconscious, and in turn change our lives. 

Some people are born positive, and are raised by positive parents, and go on to have wonderfully positive lives. I wouldn’t say that was me, it wasn’t the way I was raised, and positivity didn’t come naturally to me.  I didn’t find it around me growing up, and the schools I attended were places you went because you had to, not because you wanted to.  

Life can be hard work, and some days can feel a hell of a lot longer and darker than others. I discovered the power of books when I was a teenager, I was probably about 15, I was in a really dark place, I had no one around me to support me, and I was really desperate for help.   It was then that I saved up and brought my first self help book.  It was called something like ‘How to be happy’ by an author I can’t even remember.  

But it obviously had a major impact and opened up a whole new world of inspirational words. 

From then on I was hooked, and when everyone else was buying cd’s, make up and clothes, I was buying inspirational books.  These books opened up a whole new world for me, one where there were opportunities to live a positive life.  For the first time my circumstances didn’t define my life and who I was.   I had options!  I read books about people who had been through similar experiences like mine, and had pushed through the pain and now helped others do the same.  

I thought ‘That could be me!’

The number one thing that has got me through some of the hardest times in my life are the inspirational words of my mentors. When I am lost I open up one of my inspirational books, and the right words for that moment will appear before me on the page.   

inspirational words

Here are some of my favourite inspirational words.

“No successful person has ever known how their dream would happen.  They simply believed that it would happen and did not give up until it had”.  Rhonda Bryne  – From the book ‘The Hero’  


“Palm readers believe that your left hand is what you are born with, and your right hand tells the story of what you do with it.  In other words, regardless of the hand you are dealt in life, it’s always going to be up to you, what you choose to do with it”.   Paul McKenna From the book ‘The 3 things that will change your destiny today’.  

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you”.  Paul Coelho – From the book ‘The Alchemist’.  

“We have chosen these experiences and they are a part of our lives for a reason.  We may not find out what that reason is for some time.  It may not even be in this life time.  But we need to accept that it is a part of the plan and get through it as best we can”.  Kelvin Cruickshank – From the book ‘Taking The Journey’.  

“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, this you will become”.  James Allen.  – From the book ‘As A Man Thinketh’  

“What we see in other people are reflections of part of ourselves” . Kate Spencer.  – From the book ‘Twelves Lessons, The Journal’.  


I hope you found some inspiration from reading this post, PLEASE share some of the inspirational words that have helped you on your life’s journey.  

Every time you read something inspirational that resonates with your soul, know that the magic and wisdom you see in those words, is the same magic and wisdom that is within you.

Jamie x