Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

If you are like me you have probably collected a few essential oils along the way, I have a collection of around 60 essential oils I use in my natural skincare recipes, and although each one is therapeutic and healing in its own right, when blended they become even more powerful.

Making your own perfume is the perfect way to ensure you carry the scent of the essential oils with you through the day.  Use a solid perfume recipe such as the one I have given below, or simply pop the essential oils into a spray bottle with 50mls of water and a tsp of vodka.

Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

When blending to make a perfume blend 2-4 oils to begin with.  Make sure you start by using oils with a strong base note such as sandalwood, cedarwood or vanilla, then add oils with either a middle note such as jasmine or ylang ylang, and then experiment with adding top note essential oils such as your citrus oils.

I have found that some of the most unlikely blends turn out to be the best combinations. 

For example some people might not think bergamot and clove would blend well, but because they ares so different they end up working so well together.  You get a little bit of spice, a hint of citrus and a beautifully fragranced perfume. 

Essential oil perfume recipes

You can experiment by blending your own essential oils to make your favourite perfume blends, but here are some of my favourite fragrant essential oil perfume recipes to get you started. 

Essential Oil Perfume Recipes:

Solid Perfume Base Recipe: 10 grams beeswax melted together with 15 grams of coconut oil.  Remove from heat and add 20-25 drops of essential oil. Pour into a small pottle for storage.


Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

Peace Out is a floral perfume, with strong notes of fresh lavender and rose geranium, and with a hint of sweet vanilla to aid in relaxation. This is an ideal meditation or weekend chill out blend.






Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

Wild Child is earthy and freeing for the soul. Patchouli can be an old fashioned fragrance when worn alone, but by blending this earthy oil with a more floral oil such as rose geranium it works really well.  The addition of the sandalwood creates the perfect blend for unwinding in nature after a busy week. 





Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

Tall Poppy is a fragrance blended to remind us to stand out from the crowd.  Why fit in when we were made to stand out? Gorgeous pink grapefruit oil and seductive sweet orange combine with floral rose geranium to create an uplifting blend that will have people asking what it is that smells so good. 






Essential Oil Perfume Blend Peace

This is my new absolute favourite blend.  The clove is spicy and grounding, the lemon is bright and mouth watering, and the lemongrass is earthy and fresh.  The combination blends incredibly well, and every time I inhale this fragrance I am reminded to stop and just be in the moment,  A real soul healer for those of us who get carried away with the stress and hurry of life. 




If you enjoyed these blends please let me know by dropping a comment below or visit my Facebook Page. 

Happy blending,


Rosemary Hair Rinse

I was so excited to finally have an abundance of rosemary growing in the garden so I could use it in an array of meals as well as skincare and natural cleaning products. 


rosemary hair rinse











It is my favourite herb right now because of its clean fresh aroma and it’s healing and revitalising benefits.

I am sure you will love the rosemary hair rinse as much as I did because it is so easy to make, and leaves hair looking and feeling amazing. 

Rosemary is packed with antioxidants and has anti inflammatory properties making it the ideal herbal hair rinse ingredient for people with sensitive, dry or irritated scalps. My hair had been dull, damaged and in need of some serious care, and after using my homemade rosemary hair tonic it’s glossy, and smells amazing. 

Because rosemary is so cleaning it helps to remove oil build up on the hair without drying it out like many shampoos tend to do. 

Many people say that rosemary hair rinses are beneficial for encouraging hair growth, so i’m keen to see further results after using it for a few more weeks. 

I washed my hair with my usual organic shampoo and conditioner and the used the rinse after my hair was clean.  Leave the hair rinse in, don’t wash it out, just dry hair as usual.  

rosemary hair rinse

















Rosemary hair rinse recipe (with lavender)


1 handful of rosemary, stalks and all. 

1 handful of lavender, if you don’t have lavender the hair rise is still great without it, but the addition of lavender added to the aroma and healing properties. 

2 litres of water.


1 – Pop the herbs and water into a large pot and bring to the boil, boil for around 20 minutes and then remove from the heat.

2 – Let the herbal rinse seep for a further 2-3 hours and then pour into glass jars for storage. 

3 – Keep in the fridge and use within the next two weeks.  I popped mine into a spray bottle to use after washing my hair.  If you don’t have one you can just pour the rinse over you hair, but this could be a little cold after it’s been sitting in the fridge. The recycled spray bottle worked really well and then I just towel dried the excess off.


Let me know how you go with this recipe, and if you enjoy making your own skincare you might like to try this divine Body Scrub for dry skin. 

Happy creating,

~ Jamie.


Favourite Homemade Bun Recipe

My daughter recently requested homemade buns, I made her a batch of these deliciously soft buns using my favourite homemade bun recipe.  I have never shared it before because when I make it I never use a recipe, I just add the ingredients and hope for the best.  That probably sums up my cooking style to be honest. Yikes!

But this time as I made them I actually wrote the recipe down, now she can make them herself when ever she feels like it.  

The simple act of making your own bread from scratch is rewarding and often therapeutic. 

You can’t rush the process, and it’s ideal for those of us who need to slow down and be in the moment.  I find every time I made bread from scratch my children end up a the table with me, chatting away and helping to mould the dough into buns. 

My daughter brushed a little milk on the top of each one and pressed a sprig of fresh rosemary into each one before they went into the oven.  The rosemary makes the buns fragrant when cooking, and the milk helps to achieve that warm golden top. 

I always sprinkle a little bit of pink salt over the tops too, which just adds to the flavour.

bun recipe












My Favourite Homemade Bun Recipe


4 tsp active dried yeast

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp oil

2 cups tepid water

5 cups of plain white flour

Optional: herbs, a little milk, and pink salt



1 – In a large bowl add the water, honey and yeast.  Stir gently and set aside somewhere warm (not hot) to activate.

2 – Once the yeast is fluffy you can add the oil and flour. Mix in the flour and the use your hands to knead the dough.  If you haven’t kneaded dough before just Google a short video and you can’t go wrong.  Knead the dough for around 5 minutes.  Add a little extra flour to the table and your hands if it all gets a bit sticky.  

3 – The dough is ready to set aside in a floured bowl once it is well kneaded and shiny on top. Leave to rise somewhere warm for at least 2 hours.  I leave mine for around 5 hours in the hot water cupboard, and even overnight at times. 

4 – Once it has doubled in size you can knead it slightly again and then form into buns.  Pop these onto a floured tray, add a brush of milk, any herbs and a pinch of salt to each one, and set aside for another 30 minutes.

5 – Preheat the oven to 180C.

6 – Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until lightly golden on the tops.

homemade bun recipe

Enjoy with a bowl of soup of just on their own with homemade herb and garlic butter. 

Once you get used to making bread from scratch it becomes something you do without even thinking about it, let me know how you go with this recipe and remember to add your own herbs, salts and even some garlic if you like. 

Happy baking,