This Aura Cleansing Bath Soak one of my favourite bath soak recipes, because it is so cleaning, and refreshing.  

aura cleansing ritual

Many of us are carrying around energies that are filled with other people’s stuff.  

You don’t need that right?

When I have been around someone who is negative, or who has been off loading lots of their ‘problems’ to those around them, I can feel negative, dark ‘globs’ in my aura.  If I don’t shift these, they stay with me and affect many areas of my life, especially my energy system. 

I’m a super sensitive soul, and absorb other people’s energies like a sponge, so simply going to the mall can leave me bogged down with a frazzled aura. 

Every being has an aura, it is the energy atmosphere that surrounds our bodies.  

Our auras are like magnets, and pick up on the vibrational energies that surround us.  When we are around positive people, and when we are spending time doing things that light us up, our aura is attracting good vibrations, it glows brighter and we feel energised and balanced.  

However we are also physical beings and therefore are always going to come into contact with negative people, people who drain our energies, and situations and experiences that negatively affect our energy systems.  

By cleansing the aura we let go of what no longer serves us, and are then able to move on feeling lighter, and more balanced.  

Aura cleansing is perfect for those times when you:

  • Have been around negative people
  • Have had a physical, emotional or spiritual trauma
  • Are feeling to much ‘up in your head’ and need to come back down to earth
  • Are exhausted and overworked
  • Are having trouble connecting with your spirit because you feel to cluttered. 


Cleaning the aura is simple, you can use smudging, crystals, visualisations and energy healing, to cleanse the aura.  But I especially love this bath soak ritual, as it’s ideal for removing the dark energy ‘globs’ that can occur in our auras, and can fit easily into my routine.  I use this regularly to keep my aura clean and energised. 

Aura Cleansing Bath Soak Ritual

You will need: 

a whole lemon 

fresh mint leaves

1/2 cup epsom salts

optional: crystals are very cleansing to our aura, and I also add citrine and amethyst crystals into the bath.  You can also smoky quartz, or amber as a cleansing addition to your bath ritual.

Method: Run a warm bath and place the ingredients into the bath.  Place the whole lemon into the bath, and then carefully slice the sides a few times with a knife. This will release the lemon oils into the bath, ensuring they are not lost into the air.  As you soak in the warm water, feel your entire body relaxing.  As you quietly soak in the warm water, watch the steam rise off your body, as this happens imagine the negative ‘globs’ in your area dispersing and rising up into the air. Now repeat the following affirmation, 5x. 

‘I now release everything that no longer serves my highest good’

Ensure you soak for at least 20 minutes.  When you hop out of the bath, your aura should be feeling cleansed and renewed.  

Be gentle with yourself, treat yourself with love and care, and let your new cleanse light shine out into the world. 

Love, light and healing, 

Jamie x 


P.S Do tell me if this was helpful below with your comments, I love hearing from you x 

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