Messages from your spirit animals

what message does my spirit animal have for me?

What message does my spirit animal have for me?

Spirit animals send us messages of healing, comfort, wisdom, and awareness from the spiritual realm.

Just as we have spirit guides, angels and guardian angels we also have support and guidance from spirit animals.

We also all have spirit animal medicine that is personal to us, wisdom that is imbedded in our soul from one or more particular animals.  

These animals help to shape our personalities, and our deep inner wisdom.  My strong intuitive abilities that help me tune into other people’s energies comes partly from my crow medicine.  Whenever I doubt myself and starting to listen to the ego, a crow will appear to remind me of my higher wisdom.  

However I also get regular messages from other spirit animals, and this is what we are going to look into further today. 

We are also blessed to have the guidance of all animals in spirit form throughout our lives when we need them the most.  These animals appear to us in this realm in their animal form, and remind us to draw on their particular strength.  

At the moment frogs are showing on my path, and are reminding me to cleanse all of the remaining negative thoughts out of my head, so that what I have been working on manifesting can enter my life.

To me frogs remind me of abundance.  


What message does your spirt animal have for you today?

Firstly let’s find out what animal is trying to communicate with you at this time. 

What animal is showing up in your life the most lately? 

Is there an animal that has popped up at least 3 times today? 3 is a magic number in the spirit world. 

Remember that you can get messages from spirit animals anywhere! What animals are coming through to you in your dreams.  What animals seem to jump off the pages in books, or even pop up in your social media news feeds? 

Once you know what animal is trying to communicate with you, tune into the their wisdom by spending time quietly in nature, meditating, or writing in your journal.


Tell me below what animal showing up on your path  this week and I will share with you the personal message of wisdom it has for you.


Love, light and wisdom, 

Jamie x 



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