manifest more moenyA little while ago a clairvoyant told me that in my past life I had been quite poor, and in order to survive I had to stock pile any money that came into my life, and not spend it on anything unless it was absolutely essential.  

This was a big awakening for me in regards to my money mindset!

Of course I wanted to be able to manifest more money but the more I tried the less I had.

I always worked hard, and saved most of my money, when everyone else was out buying new clothes, and makeup, I was stock piling my money in my savings account.  I never spent it on anything that wasn’t absolutely essential. and even then it would have to be for a discounted price.  I used to think this was a prosperous mindset, but I was stock piling it because I was scared of not having any.  

I actually had a poor mindset!  I had become a magnet for money issues.

Even though I wasn’t spending much money on the things I wanted, other things kept happening which seemed out of my control, the car breaking down, the roof leaking, rate increases, tooth ache, and more, and through all of this I experienced such a pain in letting the money go. 

My mindset about money was stopping me from being prosperous.  

I had to change my mindset, because holding on so tight to my money was actually stopping the flow.  I wasn’t letting it flow, and when I had to, I felt awful about it, like I was going to run out of money, and this is exactly what the universe heard.  My words even began to reflect this, and I heard myself saying ‘Just when I pay one bill, another one appears’.  The universe replied with ‘Your wish is my command’.  

You see the universe always gives us more of what we are putting out.

The following ways have helped me to become more prosperous and abundant in all areas of my life.

5 Ways to Manifest More Money into Your Life


  • See money for what it really is.  Money is a wonderful tool which allows you to live a life of abundance.  What are your beliefs about money? These beliefs are why you have the amount of money you have.  If you feel that money is a good thing, and brings you new experiences, and adventures in life, then you draw money into your life.  If you see money as evil, or find yourself talking about how there is never enough of it, this is what you will continue to see in your life.  


  • Let money flow out of your life, so that it can flow back in.   Next time you pay a bill for your power, your water or your groceries, feel grateful for what these things provide you with. Without them your life would be so much harder.  Change your mindset to see that when you let money flow out, money soon flows back in.  Of course if you are spending money on unnecessary items to fill a void, it won’t flow back in, so look at the reasons behind your purchasing too.


  • Feel worthy of receiving more money.  There is always going to enough, we live in an abundant universe, where you can have anything you want if you truly belive that you are worthy of it.  Do you feel worthy of receiving more money? If not you won’t receive more, you have to drop the guilt attached to money so that it becomes something wonderful to you, and something you feel you deserve.  How many times does money try to come into your life and you stop it by feeling it’s undeserved?


  • Be grateful for everything you have.  As soon as stop focusing of everything you don’t have, on the empty wallet, and the dwindling back account numbers, and start looking at everything you do have, you begin to feel more prosperous.  This is how you become a magnet for money, by being grateful and feeling abundant already.


  • See money everywhere in your life.  (This is one of my favourites!) The more money you see, the more you will feel like you have money.  The more you feel like you have money, the more money will flow into your life.  Leave money lying around your house, so everywhere you look you are reminded of how abundant you are.  Even if it’s just a few coins here and there.  Have money in your wallet, on your coffee table, everywhere you are going to see it.  I use money as book mark in my favourite books, and have coins in all my pockets.  Even time I open my book, or put my hand in my pocket I am reminded of how abundant I am.  


Remember you are a magnet…you are continually attracting more of what you put out into the world.  

What are you seeing in your life right now that reflects your beliefs about money?   

Love, light and abundance,

Jamie x 

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