positive mindsetIt took me years to climb out of my ingrained negative mindset, and become the positive, life loving person I am today. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.  If you are serious about change, you can start your positive journey today. I didn’t have mentors who could lead the way, and I had struggled through a childhood and teenage years that had me believing the world was a dark place, and I was being punished for being a bad person.

The first and most important thing I did to change my mindset, was something that not many people will ever do in their life time.

I decided I deserved better. I began to learn more about myself, and I studied everything I could about the law of attraction, and learned that what I was putting out into the world I was getting back. If I continued to put out negativity, my life would stay the same. As soon as I started to put out positivity, I began to create a positive life.


5 Ways to Change a Negative Mind into a Positive Mind

1 – Make the decision that you want to change. Firstly decide if you are happy with the mindset you have. Are your thoughts bringing you up or down? Are they bringing others up or down? What are your thoughts bringing into your life? When you decide you are ready to change your mindset, good things will happen. But first be ready! Most people are not ready, they are stuck in their comfort zone, and feel change is too scary.  Change is a good thing! 

2 – Surround yourself with positive people. These people are going to be your new kind of people. Those that bring you up and not down, and those that allow you to shine your light. If you can’t find your bright tribe just yet, read books that inspire you, grab all the positive literature that you can find and absorb it. Adopt a mentor through social media and get following. They will feed your new mindset and help you to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.  Quite often they have been right where you are. 

3 – Wake up. If you haven’t begun the journey to awaken to the true meaning of life yet, I suggest you do. When you realise that you are a bright shining soul, and you are not the voice in your head, everything changes. Everything. Because the voice in your head that told you were shit, or fat, or stupid, doesn’t have control over how you feel anymore. Yes you can hear it, you still have awareness of this voice, but it doesn’t control who you are. Most people are run by the the voice, it’s actually the ego. But coming to understand that the ego is just a collection of past memories that plays over in your head, and not who you REALLY are, will seriously change your life. It sure did mine.

4 – Spring clean your media. Clean out your social media news feeds. Scroll through and get rid of anything that doesn’t raise you up and feed your budding positive mind. Be strong and un-friend all those people who make you feel plain old yuck! And very importantly stop watching the news, it feeds fear and negativity, and you don’t need that. When watching a programme, listening to music or reading, ask yourself how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel anything but great, you don’t need it. Turn it off, or put it down.

5 – Visit a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy changed my life. I was constantly coming up against a block, no matter what I did the ingrained belief that I wasn’t good enough was stopping me from progressing in my life. Hypnotherapy helped me to remove this block and start living the life I really wanted to be living, instead of just watching from the sideline.  It isn’t just for people who have a fear of flying, it is for anyone who want’s to remove a thought from their subconscious mind that is stopping them from being the positive person they always wanted to be.  

What make’s you feel more positive in your life? I would love to know, so please comment below.  I respond to all comments, and look forward to hearing from you. 

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