Life just keeps getting busier, more complicated and the expectations that others have for us keep piling up…right? This is true, but only if you allow it to be so!

signs the universe is telling you to slow down

By taking your power back, and having control over your own life, you step into the universal flow, where everything slows down, and becomes easier and more effortless.  

I know this because each of the following 3 signs were red flags that I needed to slow down, but I didn’t listen until I was forced to by being burned out. 


Being in the flow allows us to do less, but achieve more – that sounds good doesn’t it?

Is the universe telling you to slow down, but you have just been far to busy to listen?  The signs the universe gives us are just small to begin with, but if you don’t listen, before too long the signs will get bigger and bigger.  Eventually we will be forced to stop by a situation that feels out of our control.  By taking note of the first signs, you can add in a little R&R before you have to take some major time out to recuperate.  


Here are 3 signs the universe may be telling you to slow down

1 – Bumping into things.

You keep catching your toe on the coffee table leg, or you are waking into door knobs! You have bruises on your shins from the tow bar of the car, or you just hit your funny bone on the corner of the bench, and it wasn’t very funny! This is one of the first signs that your mind is going faster than your soul and body can keep up with.  When I was at my busiest before I changed my lifestyle a few months ago, I was covered in bruises from bumping into things all the time.  Now I listen at the first few signs before I start to really hurt myself, and it’s usually something small like starting to get my cardigan stuck on a door knob that stops me, and I realise I am out of the flow.  

2 – Forgetting things.

You think you are losing your mind, and start to feel insane when you cannot remember simple things, like the name of your co-worker, or what day it is. You forget so many things in one week you even begin to wonder if dementia is setting in.  You walk into yet another room at high speed, racing to get everything done, but you find yourself just standing there, wondering what on earth it was you came into the room in the first place for.  Your mind is running at a faster pace than your body and soul can keep up with, and your head is overfilled with too much ‘stuff’.  This is a classic sign its time to slow down!

3 – Illness strikes.

Illness is always a sign from our bodies that something is wrong.  Often it occurs after many of those smaller niggles were ignored.  You felt tired, or your felt tension growing at the base of your neck, but you kept going anyway. Tiredness is a simple message that we need to rest, but it is so often overlooked. Tiredness then build into fatigue, and quite often we are forced to stop and rest when our bodies just wont get out of bed.  Most people think it is normal to get sick, but it’s actually not something we have to go through at all.  A healthy mind, body and soul that are balanced and in the universal flow, will not get sick.  Stop, and go within.  Ask your body what it needs, and really, really listen to the message it has for you. Colds, coughs, backache, neck strain, stomachaches, headaches, and fatigue are all signs thats something bigger is going on within us.  


If you have any of these signs, it’s time to take that rest period you have been meaning to take for a while now, before you are forced to rest at a more inconvenient time, and for longer.  Listen to the niggles, your body knows best! Never feel guilty for taking time out to rest, it is a basic need that we are all entitled to.


Please share with me, i’d love to hear if you have any of these signs?

Love, light and peace, 
Jamie x 

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