Being stuck is a pretty frustrating feeling right? 

Gosh yes is it ever!

3 signs playing it safe is keeping you stuckI know this because I was once stuck myself.  For someone like me it felt kind of hellish, because i’m a mover, a creator and I don’t do well staying still.  In fact I can become very down if my mind is not challenged.  Many people are the same because life is continually flowing forwards, and if we stop the flow, we actually stagnate!

No one can thrive in that environment right?

My mind works better when its busy, not busy with meaningless tasks, but busy with purposeful creating.  However if I let my mind be in charge instead of my soul, I would probably still be working in the same job that didn’t light me up, complaining about how unfair life was, and that opportunities never come my way! 

There are times where we need to play it safe, our survival depends on it.  This is where the mind comes in handy as a pretty great survival tool. Especially for when we are trying to out smart a stampeding elephant in the African desert, or climb out of a burning building without dropping to the ground.  However most of the time, our mind can actually keep us from doing things that are actually really good for us, and exciting, and adventurous…..and life changing!

Yes it’s a scary thought leaving that very familiar comfort zone…but it’s actually what life is about.  Life is for living and learning, we are here to extend ourselves as spiritual beings, while having a physical experience.  I think what is scarier is when people know something isn’t working for them, but they just keep doing it again and again, hoping for a different result. Lets check out the list and see if playing it safe is keeping you stuck.


3 Signs that playing it safe is keeping you stuck:


  • 1 – You wake up each workday morning with a feeling of dread.  Are you living for the weekends, and dreading Monday? This is a huge sign that you are ready for a new job, a new challenge, and something that get’s you excited about waking up.  What would you rather be doing than what you are doing now? 


  • 2 – You flop into bed each night feeling exhausted, but still feeling like you haven’t given what it is you were born to give. You may be tired, but if you can’t get rid of that niggling feeling that you were meant for so much more than the way your day just played out…it’s time for a change.


  • 3 – You turn green with envy when you see other people living their life differently to yours. What is it about their life that makes you envious? When you scroll your Facebook feed and see photos of friends and family doing things that make you roll your eyes with jealousy, what is it about their life that you wish you could have for your own?  They made the big decisions, moved out of their comfort zone, and created this particular life for themselves.  But you CAN do the same, or rather your own version of an exciting life.  But you have to be ready. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone?  



We all know the best selling book ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!‘ Well the author Susan Jeffers has a pretty great point.  To move out of the comfort zone doesn’t mean waiting until the feeling of fear subsides, NO, it means feeling the fear but pushing forward and doing it anyway.

Tell me below in the comments, what is it that keeps you so stuck?  What would you do if you could look fear in the face and do it anyway?

Love, light and strength, 

Jamie x

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