It’s actually true – we are what we eat!  

foods that lower your vibrationWe are the vibrations of the foods that we have ingested.  

Our entire bodies are made up of what we eat, drink and inhale.  

Each cell of our body replaces itself by using the food that we supply it as fuel.    

If you want to attract good things into your life, you want your energy to vibe as high as it can.  

Like attracts like, and your vibe is like a magnet that attracts more of the same.  

Just as we are made up on vibrating molecules, so are the foods that we eat.  Eating foods with a low vibration will lower ours immediately after eating it. You may feel slower, sluggish, and even foggy in the head.  We don’t want that right? No way!   

Here are my top 3 foods that I recommend cutting out of your diet when you are trying to raise your vibration.  

I did this over the last year and it really upped my energy levels, and allowed me to vibe higher.  I can put out more goodness into the world, because I am now only putting good foods into my body.  


Top 3 foods that lower your energy vibration

1 – Meat.  

I’m talking about the meat that has come from animals that have suffered during their lives, and/or the end of their lives.  Although the soul of the animal has long left its body, the imprint of the suffering is still very much within the meat.  It is the same for eggs.  If the eggs have been laid by a chicken that was caged, they will contain the vibrations of the suffering animal.  I’m not saying you have to be a vegan to have a high energy vibration, but be aware of where the meat has come from.  Is it free range meat, or has the animal been caged and stressed for most of it’s life?

2 – White sugar.  

Many people think sugar increases our energy and therefore we vibe higher when we include sugar in our diets.  But this just isn’t true, sugar actually feeds the bad gut bacteria in our guts, allowing bacteria to multiply.  This has been proven to slow down the body and provide the perfect environment for illness to thrive.  

3 – Processed foods.  

These are the foods that have been through a factory process, and have synthetic additives in them, like colourings, flavours, preservatives, and flavour enhancers.  These foods are foreign to out bodies, they don’t know how to digest them, therefore it causes our body to slow, and occasionally to store these additives as toxins, until the body knows how to process them.  This can cause illness, fatigue, depression and an carry of other symptoms.  As a mum of a son who recovered from a severe anxiety disorder through clean diet, I have seen first hand the effects of artificial additives.  You can read more in my book ‘The Chemical Generation’ 


Foods that help us to vibe high are fresh, raw, and organically grown foods.  Leafy greens, fermented foods, fruits, and vegetables.  

We are all individuals and somethings will slow you down more than others, can you think of something you eat that makes you feel a bit ‘yuck’ after doing so? For me it’s also gluten, eggs and dairy.  Please share below, i’d love to know.

Happy, healthy eating. 

Jamie x 

P.S This is how I boosted my energy levels after fighting chronic fatigue for almost 6 months – 4 WAYS TO HAVE MORE ENERGY 

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