The 3 BEST Crystals For Love 

best crystals for love

When it comes to attracting love into your life, you first have to be able to love yourself. 


Loving yourself opens the heart so that you can truly love others, and because like attracts like, once you feel love for yourself, the law of attraction ensures that this energy is extended out into the world. 

Before you know it, love will come looking for you with very little effort on your part.


The following crystals are my top 3 best crystals for love and are used by many healers around the world as a conduit for LOVE:

Rose Quartz – Promotes feelings of love, compassion, joy and warmth.

One of my absolute favourite crystals is the rose quartz crystal. 

It is valuable in enhancing self love as well as being a powerful attractant for those looking for love.

Rose Quartz – The Crystal Of LOVE

This soft pick crystal helps to heal pain from past hurts, deepens feelings of love for oneself and helps to keep the love between two people strong and pure.


RhodoniteHelps to unblock the heart chakra, release fear and builds compassion.

This crystal is often found in smaller pieces, and is a mixture of rich pink crystals and darker grey mineralisation. 

The power of this crystal is that it supports the heart chakra to release any blockages that it may have.  If the heart chakra is blocked this can push love away. 

We don’t want that….

Some people will go right through their life being ‘unlucky’ in love, when it was their heart charka holding onto a past hurt that was pushing love away all along. 

Once releasing this blockage from the heart, love can finally flow in easily and effortlessly.


Jade – Promotes unconditional love and opens the heart.

Jade is often called a lucky charm because of it’s powers to promote love, health and wealth. 

crystals for love

Jade For Love, Health & Wealth

Jade is used to attract new love and deepen the connections of love between two people who have been together for a long time. 

Jade also allows for deep seated issues to be resolved between ones self, or between two people by bringing hidden issues to the surface.  



Try This Powerful Love Spell:


When we are wanting to attract love into our lives we can ONLY do this by loving ourself completely first. 

Use this powerful love spell to heal your heart, release blockages from the heart chakra and bring pure love into your life. 

Time – Allow at least 30-40 minutes for the love spell, and repeat at least once a week.


The LOVE Spell

1 – Ground Yourself. 

Place your bare feet onto the grass or the earth outside. 

Take a long deep breath and imagine their are roots growing down through your feet into the earth.  The roots draw up nourishment into your body and you feel your whole body becoming replenished. 

Continue to take slow deep breaths (around 5 of these) until you feel your entire body buzzing with the energy of the earth,

2 – Release Your Fears.

Sit cross legged on the grass.

Hold the love crystal or crystals of your choice in your right hand and lightly press them against your heart. 

Cover them with your left hand now too, taking a deep breath in through the nose as you do.  As you release the breath you feel past hurts and blockages release through your mouth and into the air.  Continue this for at least 5 more breaths.  


3 – Affirmation 

Repeat the affirmation as many times as you feel you need to, but no less than 3x:

I Am Loved, I Am Loved, I Am Loved.

Rhodonite For Healing The Heart Chakra


Remember: Bubbles of emotion may be ready to rise up to be released, and this can feel uncomfortable for those of us who are used to holding into emotions.  It is much better to let them go, and this may cause tears to flow, so know this is completely normal.

You can repeat this daily to speed the healing process, or continue it weekly. 

Optional: You can also use an essential oil on your heart chakra before beginning the exercise and before going to bed at night. 

Rose is the essential oil of love, and would works beautifully for this spell.  Otherwise choose an oil that resonates with you and use that diluted in coconut oil on your heart charka.

If you found the love spell helpful, or would love to learn more about crystals, please let me know with a few words below, 


Love & Healing,

Jamie x 

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