I have put off writing this post for ages, simply because it seemed like such a massive topic! Going gluten free has changed my life is so many ways, there is so many gluten free diet benefits….I didn’t know where to start telling my story!


gluten free diet benefits

Gluten is a protein mainly found in wheat, barley and rye.

But just recently I have noticed lots and lots of people (including children) going to be tested for celiac disease, or to see if they are allergic to wheat or gluten, BUT nothing negative ends up showing up their tests. 

Many of those tested don’t show a reaction to wheat or gluten on the Doctors test, but they are actually still reacting to gluten. 


Both my son and I are gluten free, and if we have gluten we are negatively effected for two days after it, we get a foggy brain, can’t think, suffer bloating and mood swings.

However we don’t have celiac disease and our symptoms aren’t classified as an allergy.  They are ‘just’ an intolerance, but one that negatively impacts our quality of life.  


Many people have an intolerance to gluten, mainly because our guts are not in the healthy state they should be, and also because wheat has changed dramatically from what it once was 100 years ago.


Going gluten free can change your life, just as it changed my life…my healing all started with my son’s diagnosis a few year ago.

Let me explain….

As some of you know when my son was 5 he was diagnosed with a serve anxiety disorder, it became so bad he couldn’t attend school or even leave the house. He was physically and mentally unwell. 

Along with his diagnoses we were given a prescription for prozac.  We never even took the prescription to the pharmacy, instead we embarked on a healing process through diet and supplementation.  I wrote all about the incredible healing power of REAL food and what I learned about food along the way in the book The Chemical Generation.  

Because a large part of his diet was to remove gluten from his his life, as a family we stood beside him and we too removed gluten from our diets.

After a few days of feeling pretty awful (as we detoxed off many of the unhealthy foods we were addicted to), we came out the other side.  Yippie!! We discovered many gluten free diet benefits for ourselves. The mental fog we were under lifted, anxiety disappeared and we had a new found energy and clarity.  We lost weight and felt healthier.

BUT staying gluten free wasn’t always easy, or so I thought, and my busy lifestyle saw me eating foods that contained gluten once again. And again I had the negative symptoms too!

A few months ago I decided to go completely gluten free, (rather than on and off gluten free).  Rather than just swap a particular food for a gluten free option, because that can be chemical filled and just as unhealthy, I filled my diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds so there was no room for slipping up! 

I am proud to say I am sticking to eating well and my mind and body are thriving once again. 


Here are 10 GLUTEN FREE diet benefits that have truly changed my life!


  1.  The foggy brain has disappeared and I can think clearly. I am no longer tired after eating. 
  2.  I sleep better, I don’t wake through the night.
  3.  No bloating, something I suffered from terribly most my life.
  4.  No mood swings, my energy levels are balanced.
  5.  Healing from chronic pain, this has been a combination of removing gluten and sugar from my diet and beginning an exercise routine.  My chronic hip and back pain continues to heal.
  6.  Weight loss.  I find eating bread makes me hungrier and I don’t stop eating once I am technically full.  Eating a fresh diet without regular bread has allowed me to lose weight.
  7.  My thyroid issues have disappeared…without medication.
  8.  My skin is glowing and my hair and nails are stronger
  9.  No more fatigue! This is the most life changing thing of all – I have suffered from extreme fatigue in the past and I am so happy this is behind me.
  10. No joint pain.  Eating wheat and gluten causes me to have pains in my joints, that feel like constant aches.  I haven’t had these for months! 


I used to think being gluten free was difficult, but now it is easy all because I fill my diet with good foods, there is no room for craving bread anymore! 

If you are thinking of going gluten free, don’t go and buy crappy supermarket ‘gluten free’ products, instead eat fresh foods fruit and vegetables, add meat, and nuts and seeds. Make your own delicious Gluten Free Bread, and start healing your body so you can thrive once again.

Please note: a naturopath can often test you to show if you have an intolerance to certain foods, this is another option if you are still unsure if you react to gluten.

If you are already gluten free I would love to hear how it changed your life.

Share with me below in the comments, 

Jamie x 



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