What our children teach us about ourselves

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi Mirror Mirror I have discovered something that really changed me as a parent. It turns out that what you see in your child is also what is inside of you. Maybe it is something you have buried deep, or...

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Mojito Coconut Oil Salt Scrub

Mojitos anyone? Yes please! Who doesn't love a mouthwatering scrub bursting with lime juice and spearmint essential oil?  A coconut oil salt scrub that smells like one of my favourite drinks, and reminds me of long summer holidays PLUS it helps get feet sandal ready...

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Best Essential Oils For Itchy Skin

Good quality essential oils have so many uses, they not only smell incredible but can become a large part of your families natural first aid kit too. Each essential oil has its own special therapeutic properties and suggested uses, but today let's look at the best...

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Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Diffusing essential oils is one of the best ways to experience their therapeutic qualities, and the following essential simple essential oil diffuser recipes are the perfect place to start. Benefits:  Inhaling essential oils via aromatherapy practices stimulates the...

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Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

If you are like me you have probably collected a few essential oils along the way, I have a collection of around 60 essential oils I use in my natural skincare recipes, and although each one is therapeutic and healing in its own right, when blended they become even...

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Rosemary Hair Rinse

I was so excited to finally have an abundance of rosemary growing in the garden so I could use it in an array of meals as well as skincare and natural cleaning products.                        It is my favourite herb right now because of its clean fresh aroma and it's...

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Lavender PEACE Lotion Bar Recipe

This is a great easy lotion bar recipe base for any kind of lotion bar.  You will need to adjust the oil and wax if you have some extreme temperatures where you are to make sure its perfect.  I made this lovely PEACE lotion bar recipe for international peace day, so I...

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Sugar Body Scrub Recipe – Pink Grapefruit

This is such a simple scrub recipe, very exfoliating and nourishing at the same time.  I couldn't stop touching and smelling my hands after I used it, they were really soft. Pink grapefruit oil is especially good for promoting a healthy circulation of the blood and...

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Gardener’s DIY Hand Scrub Recipe

I have been in the garden every day this week and my hands are really showing the signs of garden life.  I needed a quick and easy gardeners DIY hand scrub recipe, so I whipped up this one and it's amazing.  I love a good scrub, and after making this one, and seeing...

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Wild Orange & Calendula Hand Salve

This healing hand salve is infused with anti inflammatory calendula petals and smells incredible. The more calendula the oil contains the deeper the orange colour of the oil will be, meaning it will have stronger anti-inflammatory properties.  I used coco butter...

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