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If you signed up to my REAL food challenge, you will know that I  was able to make 68 dinner meals for just $100.  

With my freezer stocked up with healthy Real food dinner meals, I decided it was time to tackle a major challenge in our house… 


This time I needed plenty of healthy nutritious snacks to feed to my growing kids. 

I took $100 dollars from our grocery budget to how much I could buy from the supermarket, bulk whole food stores and my online health food suppliers. 

For my family, all the ingredients had to be:

  • Wheat free
  • Refined sugar free
  • Dairy free
  • Contain no chemicals, artificial additives or processed food
  • SUPER quick and easy to throw together


I spent the $100 dollars and measured out the ingredients.  Then I got to work on creating all the healthy snacks I could with what I had. 

I created a whopping 101 healthy and delicious snacks for my family!

This worked out to be only .99¢ a serving, which is about the price of a (not so healthy) stick of gum. 

You will LOVE having 15+ quick and easy snack recipes. From the divine ‘Lemon Sunbeam Bars’, to the ‘Honey Oat Cookies’, they are all so easy.  I have even included my favourite sushi recipe, and my “Almond Protein Balls’.  

There is something to please everyone in the family and fill up those lunch-boxes.

I have also attached my shopping list so you can go ahead and recreate all the 17 recipes and make the whole 101 snacks, or just create one recipe at a time. I’m so excited to hear how you go with the recipes, you will LOVE how quickly you can create healthy REAL food snacks.

Enjoy the recipes, 

Happy cooking, 

Jamie x 

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