$100 REAL Food Challenge

I took just $100 and created 68 servings of real food…all 100% gluten free!

That’s 17 nutritious main meals for a family of 4!  

So many people asked for my shopping list (and the recipes) so here they are!

I hope you enjoy the $100 REAL food challenge as much as I did.

Jamie x 

The Inspirational Words That Changed My Life

I haven't always been super positive, it's something I have had to work at, and then work at again and again and again, until being positive is now something that just comes naturally to me.   I believe that inspirational words have the power to change our...

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Raising Kids Who Are ‘Different’

Supporting children to recognise and value their differences is a powerful part of holistic parenting.  It empowers them to be who they were born to be. We have to stop thinking of being different as a bad thing, being different is actually a good thing. You might not...

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The NEW ‘Wild & Free’ Approach to Raising Kids

The 'Wild & Free' Approach To Raising Happy Kids: After 16 years of working with young children, and 11 years of raising my own diverse 'out of the box' children, I have grown as a teacher and a mother, and most definitely as a human being.  I have seen children...

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10 Signs You Are In The Wrong Job

The fact that you have come to read a blog post titled '5 Signs You Are In The Wrong Job' could be a sign right there do you think?   But let's have a good look at the list first before we decide. It was easy for me to write this list because I have had plenty of...

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How To Stop Eating So Much Crap Food

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you will already know the pros of healthy eating, and the cons of eating crap, right? Eating crap makes us feel like crap. It's pretty simple.  We live in a world where if you have the technology...

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Learn Your First Manifestation Exercise

I love using this manifestation exercise to give people a glimpse of the power they have to create abundance.   You will LOVE how easy your first manifestation exercise is, and how easy it is about to become to have draw in abundance.  This is the same exercise that I...

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