How To Stop Eating So Much Crap Food

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you will already know the pros of healthy eating, and the cons of eating crap, right?

how to stop eating so much crap food

Eating crap makes us feel like crap. It’s pretty simple.  We live in a world where if you have the technology available to you to read this post, then chances are you also have access to fresh drinking water, and whole foods.

So we know we shouldn’t eat so much crap, we have access to healthy food, yet so many of us are still doing it!


Our bodies crave certain nutrients so that they can do what they need to do to keep us alive, healthy and moving.  If we eat less healthy foods and more unhealthy foods like fried foods, pies, bakery items, sweet treats, lollies, and processed foods, what happens is, your body begins to starve.  Crazy?  No, what I mean is, yes it’s getting enough fats, and carbohydrates to function, and even storing some for later use…weight gain! But it’s missing out on essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and the all important protein, so it sends out emergency signals to the brain.   


Feed me, i’m starving screams the body! When your body gets into this state it craves foods that are easily broken down and can be used as fuel. Simple sugars! Trans-fats! Fried foods and sugary foods. 

So the more you eat of these unhealthy foods, the more you crave them.  It’s a vicious cycle that I have found, can only be broken by doing this:

Simply giving up these bad foods doesn’t work.  You have tried it, I have tried it and failed, failed failed.  That time I went on the 3 day juice cleanse and lasted 12 hours before I gave in and ate half a block of energy chocolate – that was a fail! I put my body into shock, it was deprived, and so it sent out signals, cravings!!  I gave in! We have all started something like ‘Junk Free June, or ‘Sugar Free September’ (I don’t even know if those are things, but you get what I mean) to fail by day two, because our bodies just feel awful.

What really works (and feels so much better) is this – 

Simply start adding in more good foods, foods that fuel your body, and give it all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong.

These foods actually stop cravings, because they balance out our bodies and nourish us from within. Don’t start saying ‘No’ to foods, because this causes you to crave them! Focus on bringing in more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats and fish into your diet.  These foods are the answer., plus you will feel so much better focusing on everything you CAN have, that you wont notice you are not having so much crap food.  The more good food you eat, the less crap food you eat, and the less you will crave it.

Simple right?

Let me know if this was helpful, or what you need help with in your diet?

Love, light and health, 

Jamie x 

4 Ways To Have More Energy

Everything is energy – and if your energy is low, you will vibe low! All those things you want to manifest into your life, just aren’t attracted to low vibes.

ways to have more energy

How much more difficult is it to live a happy life when your low in energy?

I know it’s so difficult, not just for your body, but for your mind.  

When my energy levels are low my ego kicks in big time with negativity, and doom and gloom! I have to keep my energy levels stable so I can feel as good as possible about myself and my life. 

If you want to attract good things, and you want them fast, you have to vibe higher.  Higher vibrations attract good things much faster than low vibrations.

I unfortunately know a whole lot about low energy and feeling like crap! I used to suffer from fatigue, depression, anxiety and was almost diagnosed with chronic fatigue after 6 month of awful symptoms, the doctors were at a loss to why I was so exhausted, and had just prescribed me with antidepressants.  For me this wasn’t the answer, and I knew I had to make some changes fast, before I felt any worse! 

Here’s how I went from burned out, to bouncing out of bed in the mornings, and you can too!




Get rid of all those foods that aren’t fuel.  I was addicted to sugar, so this was a tough one for me.  I swapped my sugary biscuits for fresh salad and tuna, and within a week my sugar cravings had almost gone! My energy levels were returning and I no longer spent hours in bed. My top 3 foods that lower your vibes is a great place to start. 


This could mean the pile of bills sitting on the coffee table waiting to be paid.  Pay them or clip them into your diary on the day that you will pay them. Get them out of site.  It also means that clutter that’s all over the kitchen beach, garage or spare room.  The kids toys that have taken over the lounge, get them in to clear them out.  Reclaim your space, and make it a space that lifts you higher.  It also means any people who drain you.  The neighbour that has you talking as you get out of your car each evening, politely tell them you have to go inside.  The person who calls you at dinner time and wants your credit card number for their charity, politely tell them it’s not a good time. That friend who talks behind everyones back, and the more time you spend with them has you feeling like a wilting flower.  Spend less time with them. Don’t feel bad, you have to protect your energy or you will have nothing left.  What about your job…does something need to change there?


You don’t have time? You have to make time, because your soul is calling you to heal.  Nature is a super healer, nothing compares! All these vitamins and supplements they advertise on tv, have nothing on a few hours a week near native bush, sea water or an earthy woods.  


Joy is an instant energy booster. Do something that lights you up.  Joy and happiness are major energy boosters.  Watch a funny movie, because when was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach muscles actually hurt?  I remember in the middle of my fatigue and misery, something happened that made me laugh, and it felt like the weirdest sensation  My face actually hurt after a few laughs, that’s how long it has been. We should be laughing everyday, smiling and feeling like life is a joy, not a burden.  Part of changing my life, meant making time to do all those things that lit me up. 


If you think you don’t have time for all this let me tell you a secret that not many people know…..

Having a high vibration, and maintaining a high vibe, actually uses less energy than it takes to vibe low!

It’s true! It actually takes a lot of your body and soul energy to keep your vibration low, yet when you vibe high, you create more energy and can experience so many more things.  This is one of the reasons people think I seem to do so many things that others think they don’t have time for.  The things I do lift me up, help me to vibe high, and so allow me to do even more of what I love. 

How are your energy levels right now?

Are they low? Would you be interested in more blogs and videos about boosting your energy? 

Let me know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I’m here to help, because I have been where you are, I want you to feel what I feel everyday! 

Love, and energy, 

Jamie x