The Easiest Intestinal Cleanse Ever

Everyone can do with an intestinal cleanse, and it is important to treat the whole family at least every 6 months to keep on top of any intestinal parasites such as worms.  

natural intestinal cleanse

This easy pumpkin seed remedy is a really good prevention for parasites that can upset tummies and cause a multitude of other health issues, and it tastes great too. 

There are some good natural treatment on the market, but we use this cheap, easy and tasty cleanse remedy to keep our family healthy throughout the year.  Even the pets all get a dose every few months, including our chickens, dogs, cats and guinea pigs.  

Pumpkin seeds have been used traditionally for many years to treat parasites, and remove toxins.  They contain a substance called cucurbitin which paralyses parasites and removes them from the body.  

They are also a REALLY good source of vitamins A, B and K, and also contain a good amount of the mineral zinc.  


Easy Intestinal Cleanse 

Take 300g – 500gs of pumpkin seeds (or more if you have a bigger family, or want to dose your pets).

Grind the seeds in a coffee grinder or whizz until almost a powder but not quite.


Take 1 tbsp a day for 3-4 days on either porridge, or cereal. It is really tasty on muesli. For kids you can add it to a smoothie and blend well or even mix it into their mince for tea.  For animals I just mix it with their wet food and they haven’t noticed yet.  The chickens will just eat it as it!  

NOTE: If you are sure you have a parasite infestation seek medial advice, and double the dose of pumpkin seeds.  Also add in a high quality garlic supplement to ensure all the parasites are taken care of.  

Gluten Free Crispy Crumb

This recipe is so easy, and sesame seeds are cheap and easy to find at your local supermarket.  They are also a great source of calcium and iron!  

It is even better than the processed gluten filled crumb that you can buy already made….and cheaper too.  It’s a win win! 

I put the seeds into my Kambrook Bliz2Go and pulse for a few seconds. The crumbs can be made a head of time and stored in an air tight jar in the pantry until needed. 

Gluten Free Crispy Crumb


500g skinless chicken breast

1 cup sesame seeds ground

1 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp turmeric

1/2 a lemon

1/2 tsp sea salt

a pinch of pepper

Olive or coconut oil for the pan


Preheat the oven to 200 C. Cut the chicken breasts into nugget sized pieces and squeeze the juice of half a lemon over them.  Put them into a plastic Tupperware container or snap lock bag add the crumbs, herbs, spices, salt and pepper.  Shake lightly to combine and then add the chicken pieces. 

Pop the container or bag into the freezer for a few minutes, and pop an oven proof dish (coated in plenty of olive or coconut oil) into the oven to heat.

Once the oven is heated, gently place the nuggets, one by one onto the hot oil, they should start to sizzle.  

Leave to cook for 10 minutes, and turn over.  Cook for another 10 minutes until lightly crisp and golden.

Dairy Free Basil Dressing Recipe

This is actually what I wanted to call this incredible dressing! ‘The Freaking Great Basil Dressing’. It’s that good.  But I also LOVE that’s it’s dairy free.  So Dairy Free Basil Dressing it is.

It makes everything taste great, and i’m hooked on it well and good.  You won’t believe it’s vegan friendly, no dairy at all, or egg, and no grains, or gluten, just a beautiful creamy cashew nut base.

It’s a perfect addition to my Buddha bowls of goodness, my rainbow salad, or my mega green salads. 

You can change it up too, add garlic, different herbs and even a pinch of spice.

Dairy Free Basil Dressing 

dairy free dressing

1 cup cashews
1 cup water
1tbsp pesto
Juice of a lemon
Pinch of salt
Optional: A few extra basil leaves if you have them.


Method:  Simply pop everything into the food processor, or nutribullet.


Adjust the water and nuts to make it thicker like a dip or more like a dressing.  

How easy was that right? Store in the fridge in a glass bottle.  It will last a few days and goes well with just about anything….ANYTHING I tell you, i’m so addicted to this dressing. 

The Spicy Chickpea Recipe

You got to try these peas! We ate them right out of the pan, and then the rest just made it into this salad. Recipe below, enjoy the healthy yumminess!!!  Can you tell I love easy meals yet?

spicy chick peas

The Spicy Chickpeas


1x tin organic chick peas
1 tsp curry powder
½ tsp paprika
tbsp olive oil
sea salt to taste
a big squeeze of lemon
Optional: Chilli powder…do it!! (I add a couple of pinches of chilli powder when I make these for me, but leave it out when I’m sharing with my children…because otherwise I hear ‘Mum it’s burning my mouth!’ and I know it’s not!


Heat olive oil in a medium sized pan, and add the well drained and rinsed chick peas.

Heat them on a medium, adding in the lemon juice, salt and spices until lightly browned.

This should only take around 4-5 minutes.

Remove from the pan and serve with a salad, or just by themselves as a high protein snack.

Easy Peasy!

Creamy Tomato & Basil Sauce

This is one of my most rewarding recipes to make.  The tomato sauce is rich, full of flavour, and so incredibly healthy.  Processed store brought pasta sauces can be filled with harmful additives, including flavour enhancers (msg).  

healthy pasta sauce recipe

This sauce is high in lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant helping to prevent damage from sun exposure, and is thought to protect us from various forms of cancer.  My kids can’t get enough of this delicious sauce, poured over gluten free pasta, on a pizza base, or just by itself! Perfect!


2 1/2 kgs of ripe tomatoes

400g chopped crown pumpkin pieces (no skin)

1 large deseeded red pepper

2 tins of plain chopped tomatoes

2 peeled brown onions

2-4 garlic cloves

A handful of fresh herbs – I used mostly sweet basil, with a little thyme and rosemary)

Sea salt & pepper

Olive oil


Preheat over to 180 C bake. Oil a large roasting dish, and place tomatoes, garlic, onions, pepper, pumpkin, and herbs in the dish.  Cover with a good amount of sea salt, (1/2 tsp) pepper and a few glugs of olive oil.  Pop into the hot oven and roast for 25 – 35 minutes.  Turn vegetables halfway though cooking to prevent browning or drying.

Remove from oven once pumpkin is soft and falling apart. Add two tins of plain chopped tomatoes to the roasting dish, and let it all rest for around 20 minutes, and then pop ingredients through your whizz.  (you will need to do this is batches) I blend the sauce for only a few seconds, so that it’s not a complete puree, but well mixed.  Blend it as much as you like…it’s up to you. After each batch is blended, transfer it all into a large mixing bowl and stir through, taste test it…the whole family will want to be involved at this stage….add a little more salt or pepper if it needs it.  

This sauce can be bottled, but I prefer to freeze it in small batches.  It will also keep for a few days in the fridge in a glass jar.  

Makes around 3.5 litres. 

Enjoy on pasta, or pizza. Also use in soups, stews or Mexican meals.