Quick Peanut Butter Chia Cookies

These yummy cookies are grain free, with no refined sugar, flours or dairy.  

I only really do quick and easy recipes, I don’t have the time for those kind of recipes where you need 22 different ingredients and half a day to prepare it all.  I’m too busy to spend to much time in the kitchen, so these super quick 4 ingredient cookies are one of my favourites! 

peanut butter cookies

You will need:

5 heaped tbsp peanut butter with chia seeds – 

(I used Pam’s Finest – Crunchy Peanut Butter with Chia & Flaxseed)

1 large beaten egg

1 1/2 cups of almond flour

3 heaped tbsp coconut sugar. 



Preheat oven to 180 C.

Grab a bowl, pop in the beaten egg, peanut butter, and coconut sugar and mix well.  

Add the almond flour and mix again.  

Roll into small (golf ball sized) balls and push down with a folk. 

Bake on a lined tray for 7 – 8 minutes, until they are a lighter brown colour, and firm to pick up.  


I told you they were easy, and they make a great snack that wont raise your blood sugar levels like many other cookies do.

Enjoy x x x 

Antioxidant Choco Cookies

So easy! Just when you feel like a chocolate cookie but you don’t want to feel awful after it, you can reach for one of these.  No crap added, just piled high with nutritious nuts, organic coconut, and seeds.  I am going to even go as far as to say, no real baking involved here either.  

no bake chocolate cookies

I used those individual dark chocolate bars they sell by the counter, the pieces are slightly bigger, and two bars for $2 did the whole tray! 

Ingredients and method: 

I just used my silicon muffin tray and popped 1 piece of dark chocolate in each hole, melted it on low in the oven and then topped it with nuts, seeds, coconut and a pinch of sea salt.

Let them set and they pop right out!  Easy right? 

Banana Coconut Bliss Balls

These tasty bliss balls are full of nutrients, and are a great source of potassium from the dried bananas and sunflower seeds.  

I made these nut free so they can go along to school with my children.  Many schools and early childhood centres are nut free, so these make a great addition to lunch boxes, or to a plate of shared food. 

banana bliss balls


6 medjool dates (pitted)

90g dried organic coconut flakes or desiccated (plus extra for rolling)

70g sunflower seeds

60g dried organic banana pieces

The juice of a medium orange


Pop the sunflower seeds, and coconut into a food processor (I used my Nutri Bullet) and whizz to chop up the seeds and coconut flakes a little.  

Add the dried fruit and orange juice, and whizz until a paste forms.  Add a little extra juice if its too dry, or a little extra dried coconut if it’s too wet. Whizz again.

Form the mixture into 12 even sized balls and roll in coconut.

Fairtrade Choco & Almond Bliss Balls

I love how easy bliss balls are to make.  It’s a great way to get nuts and seeds into kids, while still having a natural sweet treat.  The Manuka honey adds a real rich sweetness, that has health boosting benefits too.  

choco & almond bliss balls


100g organic sultanas 

juice of 1 orange

40g organic dried coconut

70g seeds (sunflower, sesame, linseed)

90g almonds

2 heaped tbsp fairtrade cocoa powder

1 tbsp Manuka honey

pinch of cinnamon


Soak the sultanas in the orange juice for at least an hour, or leave it over night.

Into the food processor add the seeds, coconut, and nuts. Whizz together.

Add the cinnamon, honey and soaked fruit and whizz well again until it forms a thick paste.

Roll the mixture into small balls, and roll in a little extra coconut and cocoa.


Makes 15 bliss balls.  Store in an air tight container, or glass jar in the fridge.