About Me

empowerment coach

I am Jamie, and I am a creative soul who loves nourishing my family and friends with healthy clean foods.

My family has overcome many health challenges by changing the way we eat.  If you are here, then you too are on a journey to healthy living.

You are in the right place for healthy inspiration, because clean eating has changed my life, and the lives of my family! 

I have constantly been tweaking our diet over the years, in the process we have managed to heal my son’s crippling anxiety disorder, cure my daughters eczema, lose weight, gain energy and come out from under the fog that additives, dairy and gluten create.

All my recipes are gluten free, dairy free and low sugar, they contain 0% additives and 100% goodness to heal tummies and boost brain power. 

Any questions fire away, and you can read my book here The Chemical Generation: or try some of the super easy HEALTHY snack recipes from my latest eBook REAL FOOD RECIPES.


Love Jamie x