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Skin Healing Balm

  Skin healing balm Here is everything you need to heal skin through the hot summers and also through the cold winters.  Extreme weather makes skin crack and this can be painful.  This balm is gentle on sensitive skin, and healing with lavender essential oil and...

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Simple Keto Pizza Recipe

This is our go to weekend lunch! Even the kids can just whip this one up, it's far easier than the traditional wheat flour bases, no kneading required, and it's MUCH healthier too.  The addition of the saturated fats really keep us going, and stop afternoon cravings...

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Easy Keto Bars

We are loving the addition of some healthy keto recipes into our diet and these Easy Keto Bars are one of our favourites! The term 'keto' comes from the ketogenic diet.  It allows a higher percentage of good fats into the diet, these are mixed with proteins and...

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10 Gluten Free Diet Benefits

I have put off writing this post for ages, simply because it seemed like such a massive topic! Going gluten free has changed my life is so many ways, there is so many gluten free diet benefits....I didn't know where to start telling my story!   But just recently I...

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Hi, I’m Jamie, and I love sharing the nourishing recipes that have been healing my family, I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you need something and can’t find it, get in touch! Jamie x